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Case Study for Heald College

Heald College was founded in 1863 by Edward Payson Heald as the first business college in the western United States. Since then, Heald has continued to prepare students for careers in healthcare, business, legal, information technology and other growing fields, primarily through associate degree programs. In 2007—after several years of poor performance—Heald College embarked on an aggressive program of expansion and revitalization led by its then newly appointed CEO, Nolan Miura.

Challenge: As the economy weakened in 2007 and 2008, the Heald College management team foresaw strong growth potential in the career-focused associate degrees that made up its core offerings. During a recession, enrollment in these programs rises, as people seek an upgrade in their job skills. To address these opportunities, Heald required expertise in areas such as healthcare education and how to build a presence in online degree programs. Click further on Heald College

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Case Study of Broken River Mountain Resort

Broken River Mountain Resort is an eco-resort offering accommodation and organised tours with activities such as 4WD excursions and bird watching walks. Operating since 1984, its secluded location in the mountains of Eungella National Park has provided some natural challenges for the resort which could only be solved with alternative and eco friendly initiatives. Current owners Chris Ayre and Denis Murray took over the roken River Mountain Resort from its original owners in 2003 and with this, they also acquired the challenge of operating a resort that is neither connected to the local water system nor to the local sewerage. Learn more about Broken River Mountain Resort

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Case Study for Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort

Cape Hillsborough is a natural haven surrounded by the beautiful Cape Hillsborough National Park. The resort is an amazing place to relax and unwind with nature. The Resort fronts Casuarina Bay and offers a wide array of activities including beach walks, sailing and swimming, fishing and bird and wildlife watching. Cape Hillsborough has integrated a number of sustainability initiatives in their daily business practices. View further about Cape Hillsborough Nature Resort

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Case Study for Broadwater Haven

Broadwater Haven was established with environmental and long term financial sustainability in mind. From its beginnings the six cabins at the site were powered using 36 solar panels to promote a shift away from grid power and to capitalise on expected increases in electricity costs and 12 inter-connected rainwater tanks were installed to supply water to the cabins and laundry. In 2010 Broadwater Haven owners Frank and Noela participated in the Sustainable Regions Program conducted by Tourism Queensland recognising it as an opportunity to engage with other local operators, share ideas and explore what more they could achieve on their sustainability journey. Click here to learn more on Broadwater Haven

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Case Study about Newark Public Schools

Newark Public Schools (NPS) operates the largest school system in New Jersey, serving more than 39,000 students across four districts. The size and scope of the school district makes energy usage and rising energy costs a critical challenge for administrators. Click here to further on Newark Public Schools

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Case Study of GSH Group

GSH Group, an international facilities services and energy management provider, has created a program called EnergyPlus, which helps property managers to achieve their energy goals and reduce their utility spend through engineering best practices.Stellar Management enrolled its 2 Rector Street office property, located in New York City, in GSH´s EnergyPlus program in January 2009. In the EnergyPlus program, GSH carried out continuous energy monitoring and adjustments and invested in energy conservation projects in order to reduce energy consumption. Read further on GSH Group

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Case Study of Simplex Pte Ltd

There is no disruption to the business as we do not nee”d to wait for month-end closings to be completed and posted, before we bill our customers. This prevents any cash flow crunch, which is key to our business profitability.
– Mr Benjamin Lim, Group General Manager, Simplex Pte Ltd.

Simplex Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based commercial kitchen and food service equipment solution provider. Established in 1972, it is synonymous with the premier kitchen equipments used in hotels, international fast food and restaurant chains etc. Since then, the company has extended to more than six countries in Asia Pacific. Simplex wanted a solution that will scale with its strong double-digit growth…

Situation: Established in 1972, Simplex Pte Ltd (Simplex) is a Singapore-based commercial kitchen and food service equipment solution provider. Counting food and beverage leaders such as McDonald’s, Yum! restaurants brands like KFC and Pizza Hut, as well as Burger King and Delifrance amongst its clientele, Simplex distributes commercial kitchen and food service equipments to hotels, international fast food and restaurant chains, ice cream parlours, convenience stores, bakeries and more…
Read further on Simplex Pte Ltd

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Case Study on Handelsbanken

With Tivoli, we had to do basically everything ourselves. We had to tell it what to monitor.… With Operations Manager 2007, Microsoft supplies that information.
– Roger Morell, Project Architect, Handelsbanken.

Situation: Handelsbanken has 460 branch offices in Sweden and 175 others worldwide. The branch offices in Sweden, known internationally as Svenska Handelsbanken, had been using IBM Tivoli Monitoring (ITM) and Tivoli Enterprise Console (TEC) software since 1997 to monitor about 1,600 infrastructure, file and print, and application servers based on both the Windows Server® 2003 operating system and UNIX…

Solution: Handelsbanken sent out a request for proposal to several vendors. The company invited Microsoft, IBM, and HP to each run a small-scale, six-day proof of concept in its test laboratory, which had a dedicated server on which each vendor could install its product and 10 servers for the candidate products to monitor. The potential monitoring products were Microsoft® Operations Manager 2005, ITM 6.1, and HP’s OpenView…
View further about Handelsbanken

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Case Study on Sinclair Knight Merz

People who join the company often comment on how easy it is to access all the information they need through an interface they’re familiar and comfortable with The Microsoft environment helps us reduce the total cost of ownership of all our technology, from the desktop environment through to our back-end systems and databases.
– Peter Nevin Group Manager, Information Systems, Sinclair Knight Merz.

Situation: SKM works with public- and private-sector clients around the world in market sectors that include: buildings and property; infrastructure; mining and resources; power and industry; and water and environment. A technical leader across a broad range of disciplines, including engineering, science, project management, economics and planning, SKM designs and delivers a wide variety of projects to clients. It is a firm committed to achieving outstanding client success, with high standards of safety and business ethics, a leading approach to sustainability and an open culture…

Solution: KM’s Information Systems division started putting in place the infrastructure to support these growth, customer service and collaboration needs when it standardized on the Microsoft server platform in 2001. Core technologies such as Microsoft® Active Directory® enabled the company to take a global approach to managing users and server resources. Over the subsequent years, SKM has built a collaboration infrastructure based on Microsoft server products and technologies including Microsoft® Exchange Server 2003, Microsoft® Office Live Communications Server 2005, Microsoft Office Live Meeting and Microsoft Office SharePoint® Portal Server 2003…
Read further about Sinclair Knight Merz

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Case Study for Land Conservation Trusts

There is growing consensus in the conservation community that large functional conservation landscapes are required to maintain ecological processes and viable populations of wildlife into the future. Given the practicalities and politics of land in Africa, such large landscapes usually require coordinated management over different sorts of land tenures, including state, community or communal and private lands.

In some landscapes, however, land units critical to the future viability of the landscape are identified that do not lend themselves easily to any of these three land management regimes. Outside Africa, over 2000 private not-for-profit land trusts have been created with the institutional agility to acquire rights to such critical properties and to manage them in a way that balances multiple objectives including conservation. Find out more about Land Conservation Trusts

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