Case Study

What is a case study?

Have you ever wondered why does theory differ drastically from things we learn through books?
Answer to this is fairly simple & straightforward. Theory is based on assumptions whereas real life problems have ample of conditions that prevent us from any assumptions. This makes a strong case for reading case studies. Case study is always based on real situations encountered in day to day life. Be it any field, Management, legal, medical, systems case study is a good way to understand real world problems. Best way of learning would be a mix of theory & practical. A good theory backed with a case study will make it clearer for readers to understand the implementation of theory in practical. It will also help reader observe the limitation of the theory.

Benefits & limitations of Case study


1. Case study allows a lot of details to be collected that would not normally be easily obtained by other research designs.
2. Case study is a good method to challenge theoretical assumptions


1. It is hard to draw definite cause-effect conclusions from a case study. Since factors change in every scenario.
2. It is hard to generalize from a single case.
3. There is a Possibility biases in data collection and interpretation (since single person gathers and analyzes the information)

So get started with reading case studies on wide variety of topics relating to management right here.

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