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Finance Case Studies

A Case Study on Capital Management

Adams capital management uses a “market first” approach in which the entire firm agrees upon the markets of interest before considering individual companies, thereby investing based on business fundamentals or market analysis. In context with ACM, this approach is substantive since the GP’s all have engineering backgrounds, and they chose to focus on the information technology and telecommunications/semiconductor industries, hence utilizing their experience and expertise in choosing and exploiting discontinuities within the markets. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on AIG Investments

American International Group (AIG) are world leaders in insurance and financial services and is the leading international insurance organisation with operations in more than 130 countries and regions. We recently worked with their UK-based marketing department to deliver a Studio Workflow System using FileMaker that enables rapid access to knowledge and information, simplified collaboration, and reduces the cost of projects through more effective resourcing. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Banco Real: Banking on Sustainability

ABN AMRO REAL made corporate social responsibility central to its brand, adding to customer focus and reflecting its values. Leaders developed the Bank of Value theme and implemented it through activities such as microfinance in poor communities, environmentally oriented lending products, socio-environmental screening of customers and suppliers, employee diversity, and reduction of waste and recycling. Now the fourth largest private bank in Brazil, its top leaders are assessing the first four years and wondering what to do next, as competitors adopt similar practices, reducing its competitive advantage, and as it wants to ensure its impact on social change in a country with daunting social problems. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Banca Transilvania, Romania

Banca Transilvania, a commercial bank in Romania, has made a significant investment in the health sector in recent years, successfully employing most of the market- and credit-analysis techniques described in this guide.

Understanding the Market: In 2007 Banca Transilvania used market research to assess the size and characteristics of the health sector. The bank reviewed its existing portfolio and found that it already had a small number of health care borrowers. It then interviewed some of them to reassess their financing needs. Click here to read more…

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Capital budgeting: Analysis of the role of formal evaluation techniques in the decision making process

Finance theory recommends that managers should undertake capital investment projects only if they add to the value of the firm. If we assume that managers act so to maximize the value of the firm, managers should then identify, and undertake, all projects that add value to the company so as to maximise shareholder value. This theory of capital investment decision-making implies that managers should establish the expected value that a project is expected to create. This should be done through the use of value based or discounted cash flow (DCF) techniques, in particular, the net present value (NPV) approach.1 Capital investment decisions should then be based on these estimates of value. Read more…

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A Case Studies on Financial Management Service

Situation – A young, rapidly growing food distribution company was experiencing a 100% revenue increase in its fourth year of operation. In less than one year, their borrowing facility quadrupled, making them subject to financial covenants for the first time. Although company revenues were extremely brisk, they were experiencing less than anticipated cash flow. This caused unexpected borrowing needs and threatened their ability to comply with borrowing base calculations, possibly resulting in potential penalties and jeopardizing their banking relationship. Click here to read more on Solution of Financial Management

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The Change of Disclosures over Time – a Case Study of the Volvo Group

Historically, the amount of information in the financialreports has increased substantially, which is partly due to changes in regulations. It is ofinterest for the company to produce financial information for several reasons. With the substantial increase inamount of information in mind, one can ask when the costs of regulation are higher thanthe benefits. To be able to answer such a question, one must first study the change ofinformation over time to see what changes there have been…click here to refer the case

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A Case Studies on Money Management

Mr & Mrs X had £30,000 of unsecured borrowing consisting of credit cards and loans. Due to a reduction in Mrs X hours at work, their income did not cover the monthly repayments, which amounted to over £650. With the interest accruing every month on the amounts owed, the debts were growing month by month.

The couple approached Zebra Money Management who conducted a full review of their financial affairs. It was agreed that the couple would put together proposals for an Individual Voluntary Agreement (IVA). Mr & Mrs X could only afford to pay £320 per month, which was agreed by the creditors. This enabled the interest to be frozen on the accounts. With IVA in place Mr & Mrs X were able to cover the costs of the household again and get their lives back on track. Click here to read more…

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Case study on VMware

“The increasing maturity of virtualization and
the growing support from independent software
vendors is helping fuel deployment of VMware
virtualization across production environments.
this means more businesses are redeploying or
disposing of inefficient hardware and
consolidating their data center infrastructure onto
multiple virtual server environments,
thus contributing to a reduction in power consumption.”

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case study on VMware,
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A Case Study on Bank of America Corp.: North Carolina

The 1998 financial merger between the San Francisco-based Bank America Corp. with the Charlotte-based regional giant NationsBank created the Bank of America Corp. This merger constituted the largest financial merger in US banking history to that point, joining the second largest financial institution based on deposits with the largest bank in the Southeast.

This first nationwide banking institution controlled assets valued at over $570 billion, and today is the largest domestic retail bank based on deposits, with 4,800 branches in 22 states. Bank of America provides an optimal case study to detail the development of the financial sector and the changing role that North Carolina plays in the increasingly global finance industry. Click here to read more…

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