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Facebook : Potential to Rule the Advertising World

As a student we’ve always learned to keep it short, simple and stupid. I will try to do so in the following article. I’m a publisher. My website runs only on advertising. In the past I ran a web shop, which needed publicity. I’ve seen both sides of the advertising chain and both sides have their difficulties … see how facebook advertising can help modern businesses

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A Guide to Facebook Social Plugins for Small Business

Facebook’s new social plugins offer amazing sharing functionality (and therefore potential exposure) that small businesses can get excited about. While Facebook social plugins are fairly simple to implement, understanding the practical uses for the different social plugin options can be a little confusing, especially in cases where the functionalities overlap … click here to read ahead

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Capital budgeting: Analysis of the role of formal evaluation techniques in the decision making process

Finance theory recommends that managers should undertake capital investment projects only if they add to the value of the firm. If we assume that managers act so to maximize the value of the firm, managers should then identify, and undertake, all projects that add value to the company so as to maximise shareholder value. This theory of capital investment decision-making implies that managers should establish the expected value that a project is expected to create. This should be done through the use of value based or discounted cash flow (DCF) techniques, in particular, the net present value (NPV) approach.1 Capital investment decisions should then be based on these estimates of value. Read more…

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Why You Should Let Employees Voice Their Opinions … in Public

If we don’t get the freedom of expression piece right,what happens? The mood becomes hot and cold at the same time. Hot with anger, cold with the fear and resignation that there’s nothing people can do about it. Put hot and cold together and you get lukewarm — mediocre and inept. To use a different metaphor, you get a withering of culture and performance. In the vast majority of companies, encourage a level of debate far beyond current tolerances. Employees need to see that new ideas are discussed and debated, without people getting terminated for voicing negative views. This debate will happen in your company whether you think you allow it or not. Read more…..

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OECD Case Study on Innovation: The Dutch Pharmaceutical and Food Biotechnology Innovation Systems

The ‘innovation system’ concept has gained increasing attention during the past ten years, both from researchers and policy makers. In particular the National Innovation Systems approach has provided a framework for the assessment of the organisation of innovation processes, the innovation performance of countries, and the role of framework conditions, including public policy. The OECD has contributed a great deal to our understanding of the innovation systems approach and its relevance for policy making. The results of OECD studies on innovation systems have been reported in a number of publications, e.g. National Innovation Systems (OECD, 1997), Managing National Innovation Systems (OECD, 1999a), Boosting Innovation: The Cluster Approach (1999b), and recently Dynamising National Innovation Systems (2002a).

One very important conclusion that can be drawn from the OECD’s work on national innovation systems is that too generic public policies can lead to misfits as they are not tuned to the specific characteristics of the technological or sectoral innovation systems at hand. The development of new policies needs to take into account the specific idiosyncratic properties of an innovation system. These properties are to a very large extent caused by the specific characteristics of sectors and technologies that constitute the national system.
Read more…

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Does India need a Federal Chief Information Officer?

With the country set to spend nearly $6 billion on IT over next few years, and planning to roll-out large number of e-governance projects; a national level CIO is really needed, who can drive effective services designed around the needs of citizens and businesses. Explaining the need of a Federal CIO, Akshaya Gaur, Executive Vice President and Head – Software Solutions of Standard Chartered says, “India does need a CIO to run the major initiatives that emerge from national governance requirements, and also I believe that this post should be staffed by leaders from the IT Industry rather than bureaucrats.” … click here for details

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Naming your Business

What’s in a name? A lot, when it comes to small-business success. The right name can make your company the talk of the town; the wrong one can doom it to obscurity and failure. If you’re smart, you’ll put just as much effort into naming your business as you did into coming up with your idea, writing your business plan and selecting a market and location. Ideally, your name should convey the expertise, value and uniqueness of the product or service you’ve developed…click here to read ahead

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Case Study for Punjab Kesari

Hind Samachar was established in 1948. A fledging newspaper that has spawned into the Hind Samachar Group of Newspaper. Todayit encompasses Punjab Kesari in Hindi, Jagbani in Punjabi and HindSamachar in Urdu. It is published from the three centers- Jalandhar,Ambala and Delhi.

It serves the reader in the states of Jammu &Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi,Rajasthan and the Union Territory of Chandigarh. It reaches out o atotal of 7.5 lakh plus readership families daily. Punjab Kesari alonetouches the lives of 9.28 lakh families on Sundays making it the topselling Sunday newspaper. The number of actual readers may be closeto one crore. Read more on Punjab Kesari News paper

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What is New in Twitter Launch ?

Isn’t it scary how quickly the marketing world is moving these days? Search engines and social networks will roll out a new feature one week, then BOO! They’re terrifying us with a whole new update that requires us to adapt quickly and learn the new rules of the game.

These updates might seem like nasty little tricks, constantly keeping you on edge, but we see them as treats just waiting to be uncovered! To help you see the treats inside the tricks, we’ve provided you with a weekly round-up of the top marketing stories of the week. Don’t be scared, just read these top articles and you’ll be prepared for the bone-chilling week ahead! Click here to read more…

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