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A Case Study on Real Madrid Marketing

European soccer followed an open-league system: clubs could be promoted or demoted between the premier and secondary national leagues according to performance. Even within premier leagues, clubs often varied greatly in terms of wealth and prestige. Unlike the U.S. sports model generally characterized by some redistribution of economic resources and player talent to maintain competitive balance, European soccer had relatively few regulations to interfere with free market principles. Click here to read more…

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New Advertising Campaign for Groupon India

The campaign is created by Mumbai-based Ideas@Work, founded by Zarvan Patel and Prashant Godbole. It comprises four creative films – Street, Restaurant, Travel and Birthday – produced by Films Group.

All the films show the online company’s versatile offers across various service sectors. The film titled Street begins with an old grandmotherly figure who charges towards two young handbag thieves on the narrow uneven lanes of a market. She finally catches up with them and reclaims her bag by punching one and giving a karate chop to the other. Click here to read more…

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Case Study for ABS Broadcast

Background: Since the advent of the satellite television delivery in the UK, Sass Jahani, a former BBC broadcast engineer, has understood the need for client services that, in his words, “take the technical headache away from television channels and content owners, leaving them to focus on their core business: monetizing their content.” Jahani founded London-based ABS Broadcast in 1992 with the idea that by offering state-of-the-art technology to support fully managed, high-quality digitization and playout services, it would allow clients to launch new channels quickly with no CapEx investment…

Solution: Today, ABS services its clients with one of the world’s largest media asset management (MAM) systems and the latest K2 Edge™ integrated media server technology from Grass Valley™. The K2 Edge system provides a full suite of channel branding, audio and video file management and scheduling, commercial insertion, and program playout features in a single box.Each K2 Edge system includes two features: the Grass Valley K2 TX/MAM™asset management system, with a central database and Grass Valley Cobalt™ playout automation software…
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Cyber law case study: Is the online music industry covered under it? iTunes case

The recent international expansion of online music services such as iTunes has raised a number of questions about the legal foundation of these services. iTunes Case Study argues that online music services can maintain the same business model from country to country due to the harmonization of international copyright law. Nonetheless, expanding digital media services must consider remaining differences in copyright and contract laws as well as issues like regional licensing and business practices.

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Case Study for Pan Pacific Hotel

Introduction: A senior executive from Sun Microsystems, after staying at the Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver, congratulated the hotel’s vice-president and general manager, Steve Halliday, on how well his staff read her mind. This had nothing to do with resident palm readers, astrologers, or fortune-tellers; it was a reflection of the fact that the executive felt she had experienced service excellence.

It’s not surprising, because this hotel is very different. A division of the conglomerate Tokyu Corporation of Japan, the Pan Pacific Hotel Group currently has 17 hotels. The president of the hotel chain, Ichigo Umehara, is what we could a brand champion: he works hard to differentiate his company from the many competitors in the hospitality market. The company certainly sets out to do things differently, and that can be seen from its mission statement, which states that the company wants “to take people successfully to places they have never been before.” Staff are called associates, and are empowered to a great degree to take decisions affecting the consumer experience at the point of contact with guest…

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Case Study of Boots the Chemist

Boots the Chemist is the U.K.’s leading health and beauty retailer. Ninety percent of the U.K.’s 60 million population visits a Boots store at least once a year. The company has an annual turnover of around 3 billion Sterling pounds from a network of some 1,300 stores.

Boots first began planning a loyalty card in November 1993, but what they built is much more than a loyalty card; it is a very full CRM program. From humble beginnings, and with an investment in excess of 30 million Sterling pounds, the Boots Advantage Card is the largest smart card retail loyalty card scheme in the world…

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Case Study for Brand Identity

Britannia has re-launched its popular glucose and cream biscuit brand Tiger, with a new look and proposition. The biscuit brand now comes with a promise of being a growth nutrients provider. It sports a new brand identity and packaging, conceptualised and designed by Elephant Design.

When redesigning a large popular brand like Tiger, one has to layer the packaging communication in a way that announces the new story delightfully, and yet does not alienate existing consumers

– Ashwini Deshpande, Founder-Director, Elephant.

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Case study on ViewSonic

ViewSonic Corporation is a leading global provider of visual display products. ViewSonic
develops, markets, and supports a broad range of innovative products and is recognized
worldwide for its LCD monitors, LCD TVs, projectors, digital signage displays, digital
photo frames and other display solutions.

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A Case Study on Marketing Management

Case Study about Marketing Management

Brand Bond: The World Is Not Enough: Global Film Industry, despite having started in Europe, had lost its prominence to the Hollywood. It is believed that one among the few, for the Europeans to take credential, is the creation of brand like James Bond, a fictional character that was conceived by the British-born Ian Fleming. Having his novel Dr. No made into a feature film by EON Productions in 1962, the Bond movie series is numbering twenty-one in 2006. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Sales Force Planning: Cyrus Formulations

The case of CYRUS Pharmaceuticals is about a start-up in the Pharmaceuticals sector in India. The company in the case intends to sell formulations in South India and is working out its Sales & Distribution strategy. The promoter has some inputs from another existing pharmaceuticals company and is working to see if he can use some of these pieces of information. Click here to read more…

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