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Indian eCommerce …The Game has just Begun!!

ndians are still very conservative when it comes to impulse purchase, we probably take the longest to change our habits and hence one has to have the stamina to not only grow in this country but also to survive. We are a country of 1.2 Bn but every few hundred kilometres we talk, eat, wear and buy differently which is unique to us. We are multiple Europes’ packed into one but spend only few bucks and save for the next generation due to centuries of deprivation. But surely we are on the verge of a big change and revolution, consumption is growing in India and it is growing beyond needs to the wants. Click here to read more…

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Study on E-commerce site eBay

Till sometime ago, it was fairly common for visitors to foreign countries to be plagued by requests from acquaintances to purchase the latest model of a product; people also waited for the price to fall before they got the desired product at a better price. E-commerce site eBay’s campaign for this festive season is based on this particular consumer insight and highlights it as the best deal destination that provides a guaranteed and safe online shopping experience, with the widest range of brand new everyday use products. Click here to read more…

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What is Importance of E-commerce Status in Current Market?

The dawn of the Internet era opened up amazing new possibilities and e-commerce has emerged as a perfect amalgamation of technology and marketing acumen. India has joined the bandwagon and the numbers themselves do all the talking. The latest statistics reveal that India has been reported to have 70 million active Internet users, the count rising exponentially by the minute. However, markets involve intricate interactions involving a variety of business/organisational factors, general economic and social trends. And the actual scope of growth in e-commerce can’t be evaluated without taking into consideration the aforementioned factors. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on CAE Advantage

CAE e-Learning recently developed and delivered a web-based maintenance training program for the Mooney Airplane Company. The program demonstrated that CAE can create high-quality, high-effectiveness e-Learning even for smaller clients working with limited budgets.

Going forward, Mooney maintenance technicians will be required to successfully complete courses through CAE’s learning management system (LMS) before they work on Mooney aircraft. The courses will form the base of Mooney’s new quality standard for their technical services centers and ensure that all operators receive a high level of service for their aircraft. Click here to read more…

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Security and Trust: The Backbone of Doing Business over the Intern

Gaining the trust of online customers is vital for the success of any company with an online presence, particularly those that require sensitive data to be transmitted. This VeriSign white paper explores the latest developments in website security that online businesses should consider to build consumer confidence, protect their valuable brand, safeguard sensitive information, and increase transactions
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Developing E-Business Strategies Curriculum Case Study in the Information Systems Department

E-Business Strategies (EBS) is an elective course in the Information Systems Department, Faculty of Computing & Information Technology at King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah. In this course, students learn many concepts regarding e-business, such as strategies, models, relationships and so on. Also, they improve their leadership skills, such as analyzing the business environment and take the decisions. In this paper, the authors address the main challenges faced by the EBS course developers and study all the components of the existing EBS course. Click here to read more…

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Study Report on Inventory Management at Amazon

inventory management

The Internet has changed the way that we perceive business and the way that we as consumers may make our purchases. In fact,the online consumer today knows the convenience of purchasing a book online and having it delivered to their door in a matter of a few days.

There is no more need to fight crowds, find a parking spot, and deal with traffic. The high street and mail order systems still have a place in the mix of purchase routes; however it is no longer the only method of making purchases.The Internet revolution has seen a massive increase in the long distance purchases made by consumers, as geographical barriers are no longer as important as they were.

The lack of geographical importance has influenced the strategy of Internet companies. With a new retail business model came into existence a new way of Inventory Management. Amazon was among the pioneers in this field.One of the first companies that took advantage of this was the online bookshop Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Building a New Double-Sided E-Government Conceptual Model

A Case Study about Building a New Double-Sided E-Government Conceptual Model

Abstract: Traditionally, E-Government was about providing information and services to citizens online such as paying bills, fine, traffic tickets, voter information, complaint tracking and birth& death certificates. E-Government also expanded to conduct transactions with business partners such as suppliers, vendors and contractors. However, the other side of the E-government coin was not obvious, which is the monitoring from people to all government agencies while conducting transactions, monetary expenditure, recruitment, promotions and all other official business and activities.

Introduction: Traditional e-government is concerned with providing electronic services to citizens such as paying bills and violations online, applying for licenses and permits, road maps and geographical information systems, and some organized government information services. With what the world witnesses recently in the middle east revolutions, and the many accusations for government officials of corruptions, collection billions of dollars illegally, and mistreatment of citizens in many aspects of life, it has became the time that the concept of e-government expand to monitor and system all aspects related to government, its agencies and all its officials and workers. Keep reading..

Godrej’s Data Warehousing Initiative

Godrej Consumer Products Limited wanted to extract more value out of the well-formatted ERP data it had collected over the years. It implemented data warehousing and OLAP tools and applications to mine additional benefits and also paved the path for future e-commerce initiatives…click here for more

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