Case Studies on Rossendales

Rossendales is a leading provider of Bailiff, Debt Collection and High Court Enforcement Services to the public and private sectors. The independently owned group, which was set up in 1972, and is based in the North of England, employs 174 certificated bailiffs across England and Wales. It offers a range of professional and ethical debt collection and enforcement services, and recovers more than £93m of debt each year on behalf of its clients from Central and Local Government. Click here to read more…

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Case Study about SOLICITORS group

The SOLICITORS group is the UK’s largest collection of law firms and organisers of the profession’s leading exhibitions and training congress. The events provide excellent value CPD training and a unique opportunity to research the latest products and services available to the legal profession. The Challenge: Sending 100,000s of items of direct mail to law firms every quarter, much of which is time critical, the SOLICITORS group required a delivery service that could cope with such high volumes both efficiently and reliably. Click here to read more…

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Case Study in Derby Hospital

Derbyshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust provides acute care for some 1,100 hospital patients. Serving over 600,000 people across Southern Derbyshire, the Trust prides itself on its recognised high standards of quality patient care. The safe and reliable delivery of patient related documentation and specimens plays a critical role in achieving these standards and, as such, the DX Group already provides the Trust with a Category B specimen delivery service as well as an onsite Document Exchange for the mailing of legal records. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Pannone LLP

A recent post room audit at Pannone LLP, a Manchester-based full service law firm with over 380 specialist solicitors, revealed that a significant volume of their business mail was being sent by Royal Mail rather than DX, leading to higher costs and delivery delays As a result, Pannone submitted their correspondence database to AFD Software for DX address book cleansing, a simple process that paid impressive dividends. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Faculty Services Ltd

The Faculty of Advocates is a body of independent lawyers who have been admitted to practise as advocates before the Courts of Scotland. Based in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Faculty Services Ltd provides a range of support services to the membership in its role as the administrative arm of the Faculty of Advocates.

The Challenge: Faculty Services Ltd has to provide a delivery solution to meet the needs of its customers both internally and externally. This solution must take into consideration: Members and agents, such as in-house lawyers, who require a number of ways in which to distribute and receive their mail items, Reliability and early delivery times are a key factor because the mail must be received, opened and acted upon prior to the morning court appearance, The majority of external mail sent will go to other members of the legal community. Click here to read more…

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Case Studies on BPP Professional Development

BPP Professional Development enables professionals such as legal, finance and tax specialists to build, maintain and refresh their knowledge with a continuous series of open courses throughout the UK. They also provide classroom-based learning programmes to individual practices, which include programme design and build, the production of learning materials and delivery of the content.

The Challenge: Vital to the success of BPP Professional Development’s operation is the efficient distribution of learning materials and direct mail programmes. To ensure this, they required: A single strategic distribution partner with expertise in their target market sectors, Cost-effective solutions that also ensure timely delivery of all materials. Click here to read more…

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Case Study for Vienna Tourist Board

»Fujitsu was very committed to this project and always did its best to give us the best solution possible. What’s more, the work was completed without budget overruns, a fact which made a very good impression on our executive management.«
– Reinhard Gustavik, IT Team Manager, Vienna Tourist Board (WienTourismus)

“Vienna, now or never” – in 2011 alone, more than 5.2 million people followed this slogan and discovered the heritage, culture and excitement that distinguish Austria’s capital city on the Danube. Vienna is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. And the Vienna Tourist Board (WienTourismus) makes every effort to ensure that the city maintains its international reputation as an attractive and cosmopolitan metropolis. Read further…

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A Case Study on Dyfed-Powys Police

The Document Exchange – our secure, overnight delivery – has proven to be the solution that best suits the specialist needs of today’s modern police forces. To use Document Exchange you must be a member, so we are able to offer the police a secure post box, providing them with the security they need. This security mixed with Document Exchange’s fast delivery means that many police forces are also able to use it as their internal mail system, linking head and regional offices. Click here to read more…

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Case Study for Lombardia Informatica

Our organization is continually changing and the virtualized environments guarantee flexibility and fast development times impossible to obtain in other ways.
– Paolo Fornasari, Technologies and Services Director, Lombardia Informatica.

Lombardia Informatica is the operating entity of the Lombardy Region which deals with all the region’s IT demand and supply activities. The company plays a pivotal role between the demand of the public administration body, the supply of the information & communication technology market and the individuals/businesses using the services. In the last financial year (2010) it handled business worth approximately 200 million euros and, in terms of production and management capacity, this enabled it to become the leading “captive” IT company in Italy. About 60% of Lombardia Informatica’s turnover comes from the market through public calls for tender. Find out more about Lombardia Informatica

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A Case Study on Progressive Legal

After detailed discussions with Progressive Legal, we recommended our established Document Exchange service as the best delivery solution for their in-house produced campaigns. We then created a bespoke collection and delivery schedule, with all outgoing mail collected from Progressive Legal’s office each Monday and Wednesday evening and delivered by 9am the following morning using Document Exchange’s closed and private mail network. Click here to read more…

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