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How Dangers of Marketing Metrics Dependency

When it comes to marketing, the same can be said for your attitude toward analytics. As a CMO, cultivating a data-driven marketing team can drive more insightful marketing decision-making and thus, better results. But an over-emphasis on metrics can actually lead to the opposite.

But wait … is this even a problem for CMOs and their marketing teams? If you look at all the data out there, it seems like the biggest problem that exists with the current state of marketing analytics stems from a lack of marketing analytics implementation, not an over-dependency. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Zenon Environmental, Inc

Emerging markets represent a very sizable opportunity for Zenon, a leader in the membrane filtration technology, and the water treatment industry in general. The replication of the developed economies model in emerging markets is fraught with difficulties. It requires a different set of skills and resources, a critical focus on relationships, and a distinct attitude toward risk. A new strategic blueprint for business development in emerging economies is being developed. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Division of Labour in European Development Co-operation

Case Study for  Division of Labour in European Development Co-operation

Background Issues: Until the accession to the EU, many of the new member states (NMS) were themselves recipients of donor funds (some still are) and therefore less involved in development cooperation policies. Their new status requires a different attitude in this area. To participate fully in the activities at the level of the European Commission and to contribute to the effectiveness of EU aid, these countries first have to develop their development policies and strategies, raise the awareness among their citizens and engage in different development co-operation projects.

Outline of the Analysis: The study begins with an analysis of the current development policies of the ten NMS which had joined the EU in 2004, based on available official documents. First, an overview of the existing level of development co-operation activities is carried out. Where possible, the countries, sectors and instruments of current development co-operation policies of these countries were analysed. Primarily on the basis of accessible literature and to some extent with the help of contacts in the countries themselves, key issues in each country’s development co-operation policies were identified, including the problem of awareness and fund raising, involvement of the civil society and participation in various EU-led initiatives in development cooperation. Keep reading…

Case Study on Irony of Social Legislation

Case Study about Irony of Social Legislation

The resulting discrimination was obvious. Even those who are uninitiated in the process of formal legal reasoning can easily unmask the decision. Yet the legal foundation for the State’s paternalistic attitude to indigenous groups persisted affecting the allocation of rights of individuals belonging to these communities.

The irony however is that a the very advanced principle on non-discrimination enshrined in no less than the Philippine Constitution was construed to limit the freedoms of significant populations of indigenous groups. Keep reading…

A Case Study on Factors Influencing on Online Shopping Attitude and Intention of Mongolian Consumers

Case Study about Factors Influencing on Online Shopping Attitude and Intention of Mongolian Consumers

Abstract: The purpose of this study was to investigate Mongolian consumer perception of online shopping, as well as the factors influencing on their attitude toward online shopping and their effect on their intention toward online shopping. Sample of this study included online shopping consumers of Mongolian. The study used e-survey to collect data with 107 (10.7%) valid data. The regression analysis was used to analysis the relationship between dependent and independent variables, and discovered mediation. The results of this study found that consumer innovativeness, perceived benefits and perceived risk are important determining factors influencing online shopping.

Introduction: E-commerce referred to the buying and selling of products, services, that through electronic network. Online shopping was one of the most important activities of E-commerce. Online shopping activity was broadly defined, included finding online retailers and products, searching for product information, selecting payment options, communicating with other consumers, and purchasing products or services (Cai & Cude, 2008). Many online retail outlets made a noticeable effort to reach Mongolian consumers, but most of them have suffered loss and have detracted their investment because of insufficient customer base. Therefore, the online shopping behavior of Mongolian consumers needed to reveal. keep reading..

Case Study on Impact of Quality Circle Towards Employees & Organization

Case Study about Impact of Quality Circle Towards Employees & Organization

Abstract: This study is an attempt to focus on the impact of quality circle towards employees & organization. Employee’s attitude towards participative management is also discussed in detail through the case study. The observed data are analyzed through cause-effect diagram, Pareto-diagram etc. The results and findings are not only amazing but also beneficial to both employees & organization. It results in – Drastic reduction in wastage, considerable increase in average saving, minimizing financial losses, and increased employee’s motivation.

Introduction: In olden times Indian industries were practicing on older concept of system, to manage the scientific techniques. The disadvantages of which were barrier of mistrust, Individualism & non involvement of employees in management of organization. A quality circle is a volunteer group, composed of regular employees, who meet to discuss workplace improvement & make presentation to management with their ideas especially relating to quality of output. It improves the performance of the organization, motivates & enrich the work life of employees.

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Case Study on Internal Customer Service

Case study about Internal Customer Service

The server and the cook both have biased points of view. The cook is preparing meals for customers that he doesn’t interact with which would make it difficult for him to empathize with them. The server however has the opportunity to connect with the customer and empathize but didn’t have the opportunity to know the situation in the kitchen. Basically in this situation the cook and the server were both at a disadvantage.

This situation affects the relationship between the coworkers, or Internal Customers, because they aren’t working together to create excellent service for the external customer. This strain on their relationship will affect how the other kitchen staff will work together and the quality of the food being served. The server’s attitude after the incident will permeate into the service she’s giving the customer at hand which in turn makes the company suffer.

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A Case Study of Jennys Restaurant Marketing

A Case Study of Jennys Restaurant Marketing

Introduction: Jeenys Restaurant is a national chain cafe restaurant with a dedicated customer base, which is known for its best service, good quality food and family dining flair. But in the past year, the company has seen a manifest decline in its sales. The decline in sales is increasing as every fiscal quarter passes by. The reason behind decline in sales is totally unknown to the company.The restaurant has not changed layout or menu options within the past several years. The hypothesized root cause of the problem is poor customer satisfaction. This research will help to analysis the main root cause of sales decline.

Research Objectives: As impact of global recession is still affecting large number of household in United Kingdom with their buying behaviour, it is important to find out if customer satisfaction with particular restaurant is the main cause or there are other factors. This research is going to use primary data by developing questionnaire to the restaurant customers, which helps to find out actual problem and weakness of current situation of the restaurant. The purpose of the literature review is to analyse past experience relating to customer satisfaction elements of the food and dining industry while emphasising on the sales increment. As I am working as a Manager in this restaurant, this research with help of primary data will analyse the customer’s attitude towards its service and experience, which will help to find out main reason behind downward sales line…
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A Case Study on Employee Welfare and Satisfaction in Punjab Chemicals

Executive Summary: Job satisfaction represents the constellations of person’s attitude towards or about the job. In general, job satisfaction is the attitude towards the job as a whole. Job satisfaction is a function of satisfaction with different aspects of job, i.e. supervision, pay, works itself, co- workers, promotion, etc., and of the particular weighting or importance one attaches to these respective components. Employee job Satisfaction was a much popularized subject during the 1980’s and 1990’s, where much of the literature, focused on the link between Employee Satisfaction and Employee Performance. Subsequent research has, however, proven that this link is not particularly strong.

What recent research has confirmed is that there is a clear reciprocal relationship between Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction. For example, one of the most detailed studies undertaken was that carried out by Heskett, Sasser and Schlesinger. The authors point out that, “When companies put employees and customers first, their employees are satisfied, their customers are loyal, their profits increase, and their continued success is sustained”…
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Case Study of Claims & Freight Payable

Abstract: With the development of world and human being, the taste, need and the attitude of human being also changes. India is one of the common market in the world with a population of more than one billion. Soft drink is a popular common product which is generally purchased by consumers for quenching their thirst in summer and also to have cooling refreshment.

Distribution is the key area for any FMCG business. For a smooth distribution network, it is essential to keep the retail outlets satisfied which in turn mainly depend upon the profitability. Their profitability is checked by keeping a satisfied profit margin for them. Apart from that, the company also provides discount on purchase of different pack sizes to some HVOs which in turn increases their profit margin. Sometimes the company also provides incentives to the outlets which make frequent and high purchases.
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