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Case Study on BC Hydro e-points

BC Hydro’s Board of Directors formally ratified sustainability as a driver for their future business direction. Under this directive, and the pressures of current supply restrictions in British Columbia and on the West Coast of North America, BC Hydro have been re-examining and expanding their successful Power Smart initiative, which promotes eco-efficiency within their customer groups. From this emerged the program e.points (energy points).

e.points was launched on 03 July 2001 to encourage BC Hydro’s largest 366 customers to achieve significant electricity savings within their commercial accounts. These customers represent more than 75% of BC Hydro’s commercial revenue. This marketing approach both rewards an up-front commitment to energy efficiency and ensures the long-term sustainability of electricity savings through the redemption of e.points for hard-wired efficiency upgrades. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on The Boeing Company Derivative Class Action

In 2006, plaintiffs in a derivative class action against the directors of The Boeing Company (“Boeing”), led by their counsel Labaton Sucharow, achieved a landmark settlement establishing unique and far-reaching corporate governance standards relating to ethics compliance, provisions that will also obligate Boeing to contribute significant funds over and above base compliance spending to implement the various prescribed initiatives.

In particular, Boeing’s Board of Directors will expressly undertake, through amendment of Boeing’s Corporate Governance Principles, reasonable oversight and monitoring responsibility for the implementation of Boeing’s ethics and compliance program and the effectiveness of those processes on an annual basis. The Audit Committee Charter also will be amended, including to provide for the Audit Committee to undertake responsibility for reporting no less than annually to the Board with respect to the implementation and effectiveness of Boeing’s ethics and compliance program. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Tradehold Ltd

The respondent, Tradehold, is a South African incorporated investment holding company which is listed on the JSE Limited. Briefly, the facts were that, on 2 July 2002, at a meeting of Tradehold’s board of directors in Luxembourg, it was resolved that all further board meetings of the company would be held in Luxembourg. Read more..

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Case Study on Tongaat Hulett Ltd

The Board of directors recognises the inextricable link between effective governance, sustainable organisational performance and creating long-term value for all stakeholders. It is this understanding that has underpinned the board’s enduring commitment to lead the organisation in accordance with principles based on transparency, accountability, integrity and ethical leadership. Read more..

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Case Studies on Talisman Energy Inc.

Talisman Energy is the largest Canadian oil and gas producer, with main business activities in exploration, development, production and marketing of crude oil, natural gas and natural gas liquid. At a special board of directors meeting, the management and board of Talisman conducted a review of the Sudan operations to assess its fit within the current business portfolio.

After years of direct and often angry criticism by human rights groups and the fact that the United States government was threatening to restrict firms operating in Sudan from listing their securities on American markets, the board was considering its options in the region. The Sudan project had good economic value for Talisman with good future prospects and production possibilities. Click here to read more…

Case Study on In Re Dynegy Holdings

Dynegy Holdings LLC (Dynegy), concluded that the debtor’s transfer of certain assets to its parent company, Dynegy Inc., prior to its bankruptcy filing may be recoverable as a fraudulent transfer. Kirpalani further determined that Dynegy’s board of directors breached its fiduciary duty in approving the asset transfer. Dynegy Inc. vigorously disputes the examiner’s findings.

Dynegy Case Study

Pursuant to § 1104 of the United States Bankruptcy Code, the court may appoint a bankruptcy examiner to investigate the debtor with respect to allegations of fraud, dishonesty, incompetence, misconduct or mismanagement. In the Dynegy case, the bondholders moved for the appointment of a bankruptcy examiner to investigate the alleged transfer of millions of dollars in assets related to coal-fired power plants to Dynegy’s parent company approximately two months prior to the bankruptcy filing. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Financing Strategies

Case Study about Financing Strategies

Abstract: This research examines the effect of board of directors’ characteristics on the financing strategies of a group of French companies. One of the principal objectives of the board of directors is to provide the necessary financial resources and to determine the strategic choices of the firm. The financing strategies and choices specifically represent one of the most significant fields of action for the board of directors. Our results are based on a sample of 87 French companies taken from the French index SBF 120 during 2005. They reveal a significant explanatory capacity (69.3%) showing that the majority of the board of directors’ characteristics play an important and significant role in the determination of financing strategies as measured by the level of debt in the capital structure.

Introduction: Although various disciplinary mechanisms (internal or external) are designed to protect the interests of stakeholders from possible abuse by managers, the board of directors occupies a privileged place in the entirety of these mechanisms (Fama and Jensen, 1983; Charreaux, 2000). In fact, the board is regarded as an internal means of audit playing a significant role in obtaining resources, determining strategic choices and resolving conflicts of interest between management, shareholders and other stakeholders. The board of directors’ ability to successfully fulfil the role allotted to it depends, nevertheless, largely on its characteristics Keep reading..

Overview of Market for General Purpose Card Services

Visa and MasterCard compete in the market for general purpose card network products and services. General purpose cards, which include credit cards and charge cards, are payment devices that enable consumers to make purchases from unrelated merchants without immediately accessing or reserving funds. Visa and MasterCard are the two largest general purpose card networks. Together, they account for over 75% of all purchases made with general purpose cards in the United States.

The same large banks control both associations by simultaneously serving on the board of directors of one and on important committees of the other. In addition, each of these banks issues significant numbers of both Visa and MasterCard cards. Click here to read more…

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Case Study of Management Consultancy

A newly financed software company that had patented products and implementation services that addressed the very complex issues of determining the most optimum shipping alternatives for a customer’s products needed an executable business strategy.

They dealt with the costs of packaging and shipping along with the complexities of differing rates for at least five different means of shipping. The product was to be sold to shippers, and required relationships with the entire delivery chain. Although there was a clear value proposition, sales goals were not being achieved and the supply chain partners were not responsive to the opportunity.

Engagement: Paladin and Associates was engaged by the board of directors to perform a complete assessment of the business strategy and the effectiveness of the organization. Click here to read more…

Case Study of Management Consultancy

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