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A Case Study on Fisher & Paykel Finance

Fisher & Paykel Finance’s consumer lending application Core Risk Assessment module had reached the end-of-life. The company needed to replace the legacy system to improve scalability, maintainability, ease of configuration and enhance the customer buying experience. Solution : Using the Agile project management methodology, Datacom worked closely with the Fisher & Paykel Finance Information Services team to deliver a robust and easily maintained replacement system that manages concurrent requests. Click here to read more…

“The enhanced risk assessment system has made a huge difference to our business. Customers’ applications are now accurately processed faster in-store, making it easier for them to buy things. Our business growth ambitions are supported by the concurrent processing and assessment of multiple customer applications. We worked collaboratively together with proactive communication, regular progress reviews and timely attention to resolve issues as they arose resulting in a quality, problem free implementation.”Colin Smith – CIO, Fisher & Paykel Finance

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Facebook : Potential to Rule the Advertising World

As a student we’ve always learned to keep it short, simple and stupid. I will try to do so in the following article. I’m a publisher. My website runs only on advertising. In the past I ran a web shop, which needed publicity. I’ve seen both sides of the advertising chain and both sides have their difficulties … see how facebook advertising can help modern businesses

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Case Study for Datablaze International

Today’s fast paced mobile lifestyle and ubiquitous communication ability require that mariners, from private yacht owners to crew members working for large commercial operations, remain in constant contact with office and home. No matter how remote the location or how long at sea, mariners need to be online in order to conduct global business and stay in touch with family and friends.

KVH Industries, Inc. is one of the world’s premier manufacturersof equipment for live mobile media in marine vessels and other vehicles – from satellite TV to telephone communications to high-speed Internet and more. KVH’s TracPhone V7™ satellite communications antenna and mini-VSAT Broadband Service revolutionized communications at sea by radically shrinking the size and weight of onboard equipment making it possible to economically put extremely powerful communication systems on both large and small ships.

As demand for compact and affordable satellite communication systems increased and the number of KVH implementations grew, a new challenge surfaced – providing timely equipment updates and repairs. With many more deployments at sea in constant movement around the globe, KVH quickly found it needed to add muscle to its customer service arm to keep pace with business growth. Read more..

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Case Studies on Four Seasons Hotel, Florence

When converting a heritage building of Europe into a luxurious hotel, Four Seasons wanted to incorporate a modern, secure networking infrastructure. The idea was to provide guests with premium services, while enhancing efficiency of the staff. The hotel required a scalable solution that will be able to offer emerging technologies and therefore lead to better business growth. The hotel required a number of IT solutions such as secure Internet access, CCTV security monitoring and video-on-demand via Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Portakabin

Achieving Growth Through Product Development

A main source of business growth is through product innovation. New products often come from ideas. These are either new ideas or ideas for extension strategies for existing products or services. An idea is a plan, a scheme, method or a thought process. By their very nature new ideas are creative. They often provide solutions to problems. They help to meet the needs of customers and they also make products distinctive from those of the competition.

Product Development

If organisations are to succeed, they rely on a constant stream of new ideas. Ideas for new products can come from many places, such as market research or research and development. Ideas can also come from monitoring the actions of competitors or identifying a gap in the market. Organisations need a coherent process to develop potential new ideas. Many new ideas follow a process before being implemented. One process could be: ideas are generated, captured, screened and tested before being used. For many large organisations this is a constant cyclical process. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on the Middle East Business Environment

The Middle East includes newly popular tourist destinations such as the Dubai but it is known worldwide as a place for investment. There has been a long history of investment and business growth for governments, multinational corporations and family businesses in the region despite the fact that many of its countries became independent or had their independence restored between the 1940s and 1960s (the UAE, founded following the oil boom in 1971, is one of the youngest countries in the world).

The discovery of significant oil reserves in the Middle East, combined with increasing global oil prices, has meant that companies received significant budget surpluses to diversify their investment portfolios. (If you’re interested in doing business in the Middle East and the UAE, investigate the packages available in corporate finance with HSBC in the UAE ). As a result, the business environment in the Middle East has expanded over the past 50 years to include other sectors like construction, chemicals, real estate, hospitality and metals and mining.

According to a survey hosted in 2012 by accounting firm Ernst & Young, the Middle East continues to be an attractive destination for the majority of investors due to its large populations, strong demographics and proactive governments.

Like other young countries, though, there is room for improvement particularly in research and development and entrepreneurship. Countries that receive the most foreign direct investment are those among the Gulf Cooperation Council (a political and economic union of Arab states), including Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, as these have the most stable political environments. Intra-regional investment is another important factor considering last year the Middle East became its own largest investor in terms of new ventures and job creation.

Like with most investment opportunities, the ‘view on the ground’ is much more comprehensive for those who actually live and operate in the region. Companies who trade in the Middle East tend to have a better grasp of its business environment with respect to Shariah law, internal processes, etiquette and protocol. These business leaders are optimistic that investment in the Middle East will continue to improve in the foreseeable future.

Investment Opportunities in Middle East
Investment Opportunities in Middle East

Considerations regarding Middle Eastern business culture are to do with the importance of the spoken word over the written agreement, that is, binding a person’s word with honour. Greeting and entertaining also play a central role in the business world and initially are about relationship building, building trust and establishing compatibility rather than necessarily brokering a deal.

Countries particularly in the Arabian Peninsula (Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Yemen) and Iran present attractive trade and investment opportunities for exporters and investors. Having diversified from oil to non-oil growth, these countries have a need to generate employment for their young, rapidly growing populations and upgrade infrastructure to drive reform.

business in Middle East

Investors, particularly those stationed within the region, remain positive of its attractiveness and potential to improve but there are areas that still require improvement, for example, research and development and technological readiness. That said, the Middle East is a large and relatively young region that also ranks among the most affluent in the world.

Case Study on Choice Hotels International

Introduction: Choice Hotels International, a leading hospitality company, wanted to ensure the availability of its online property management system and give employees better business intelligence (BI) tools. To improve insight and uptime. As a result, Choice Hotels will cut failover time from minutes to seconds, improve customer service and business insight, and gain an enhanced platform for business growth.

Business Needs: Choice Hotels International is a leading franchise lodging company with multiple branded hotel chains. Based in Silver Spring, Maryland, Choice Hotels has operations in 30 countries and approximately 1,400 employees. The company relies on a web-based property management system that enables hoteliers to manage their hotel operations. To enhance service, Choice Hotels wanted to improve the availability of the mission-critical system…
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A Case Study on Gallowglass

Introduction: Since its inception in 1996, Gallowglass has expanded to become the premier crewing operator for the United Kingdom (UK) events industry. The name Gallowglass was given to Scottish mercenaries in the troubled 13th century. They were elite warriors who had a reputation for getting the job done.

Business Challenge: Rapid growth has meant Gallowglass’ manual resource and financial planning systems needed serious improvement, so that employees can efficiently plan and prepare for an increasing number of events. Click here to read more…

Case Study on Ignite 360

Introduction: Ignite 360, is a Software as a Service (SaaS) and business IT services provider that offers robust cloud-based solutions, Internet hosting and Internet security. Known for delivering scalable and reliable services, Ignite 360 requires a secure location to house its core IT infrastructure and mission critical production servers. In the complex SaaS environment, the ability to immediately scale its servers and cloud platforms is essential to keep up with instantaneous demand. Ignite 360 needed a facility that would allow for expansion and keep up with its rapid business growth…

The Solution: After evaluating a wide variety of options, Ignite 360 came to the conclusion that leveraging a colocation provider was the ideal solution. Due to low incidences of natural disasters and competitive power costs, its team focused their data center search in the Austin, Texas area. The Ignite 360 team discovered after conducting tours in several data centers that most facilities could not accommodate their specific requirements. They required a data center that was highly secured, offered multiple carrier options and allowed for rapid growth…
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Case Study of Yokohama Tire Canada Inc

By eliminating the manual effort we are able to handle the business growth of 25%.
Kyle Butt, Team Leader, Yokohama Canada.

Business Needs: Established in 1984, Yokohama Tire Canada sells and distributes 2,000 tire products across Canada through 3,800 dealers. Their parent company, Yokohama Tire, has been a world leader in the development of outstanding tire designs and technology for over 90 years, since its establishment in 1917.

Cumbersome and Manual Processes: When Yokohama Tire Canada agrees to special price concessions to its product dealers, outside the standard pricing agreements, they provide a quote to their customers. The challenge has been that they create approximately 400 custom quotes per year via a manual, stand-alone process, i.e. a PDF form circulating via email and physical routing to collect information and approvals.
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