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Case Study of Tyco Fire & Security

Tyco Fire & Security develops Software House® security solutions that are used in some of the world’s most highly secure facilities and by nearly half of the companies listed in the Fortune 500. To extend the capabilities of its core access control software, Tyco Fire & Security turned to Microsoft® software. To develop Software House C•CURE 9000, in-house programmers relied on the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 application programming interface and its component Windows® Communication Foundation for rapidly building connected systems…

Situation: Tyco Fire & Security products and services are used in more than 100 countries to safeguard firefighters, prevent fires, deter thieves, and protect people and property. The company has U.S.$11 billion in annual sales and 90,000 employees. Tyco Fire & Security’s brand of security management solutions, through its Software House® brand, includes an access control software platform that is renowned industrywide for its reliable performance. Combined with a suite of door controllers and the industry’s first, true multitechnology reader, Software House solutions are among the most powerful and widely used…
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A Case Study on Approach to Talent Management: Allstate Inc.

These responsibilities included examining the business strategies to define and develop the capabilities required for key roles at various levels. To accomplish this, we identified a set of competencies or success factors that link many of our talent systems together. As a result we adjusted the way Allstate assesses people for hiring, promotion, and development. It included aligning development products and processes to reinforce and build the capabilities defined by our strategies. We linked together processes and practices beyond learning that effect performance, such as performance management, succession planning, talent reviews, development, and so forth. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Electronic Systems Center (ESC)

The Electronic Systems Center (ESC) is the main acquisition arm of the United States Air Force. ESC’s Airborne Networking Division is developing numerous programs of record designed to bring emerging capabilities and services—aerial retrans, Voice over IP, Full Motion Video, Mesh Networks and mobile-ad hoc networks—to disadvantaged users on the ground. ESC uses RIAC, a DoD Information Analysis Center, to vet test studies and analysis of newer COTS-based technologies that can meet this critical warfighter need. Read more about Electronic Systems Center

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Case Study of Leading Indicator Systems

Situation: While many organizations claim that their employees, customers and suppliers are their greatest assets, few take full advantage of the insights and perceptions of these key players. Understanding what’s on their minds, their level of commitment to the organization, or what they’d like to see changed, is a critical step towards building a highly engaged employee, supplier, and customer ecosystem. Leading Indicator Systems (LIS) has improved the process and technology available to help companies tap into the collective intelligence of their “human” assets, maximize the value of their insight and take action…

Solution: One of the most powerful tools for conducting individual evaluations is called a multi-rater assessment, also known as 360 degree feedback. Multi-rater assessments involve gathering feedback from managers, colleagues, direct reports – even customers – to build a comprehensive view of the capabilities, skills, and performance of an individual employee (who completes a self-assessment as part of the process)…
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Case Study of Request Foods Inc

The rapid expansion of its operations caused Request Foods to outgrow the capabilities of its enterprise business software and hardware systems. “We had dying platforms,” states Bill Rysdyk, chief financial officer for Request Foods. “With all the technology changes in the past decade, the software that we had purchased in 1990 was not keeping up. The product was becoming more and more limited every day, while its vendor was putting very little R&D into it.” To compound matters, the manufacturer of the hardware platform that the company used had just been bought out, causing Request Foods to worry about a phase out of support for that equipment. Find out more..

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Case Study of Coffey International Ltd

Mendleson Communication developed a communications strategy that positioned the company within the financial services sector and investment markets. This included building the profile of the company’s capabilities in different industry sectors through media relations activities, creating strategic partnerships and developing case studies. We also developed communications that supported the company’s strong growth through acquisitions that helped them to enter new markets internationally (both geographically and in new industries). Read more..

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzP9fLKxGhM&w=480&h=360]

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Case Study for Clean Seas Tuna Ltd

Clean Seas Tuna Limited is an innovative South Australian aquaculture enterprise. Their core business is the sale of farmed Kingfish locally and internationally. In parallel, they are developing Southern Bluefin Tuna breeding capabilities for supply to world markets. Emerging from a family business established in the 1970’s, Clean Seas was listed on the ASX in October 2005 with the support of the Corporate Finance team at Grant Thornton. Read more..

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A Case Study on Banco ABC Brasil

As Banco ABC Brasil prepared for a new wave of growth, its IT staff knew that the bank’s aging IT environment could not deliver the scalability and performance needed. Additionally, the bank’s storage systems didn’t provide the data backup capabilities necessary to meet stringent regulatory compliance requirements in Brazil.

“Our IT environment was not adequate to provide the quality of service we needed, not only for today, but for the next 10-20 years,” say Waldecir dos Santos Júnior, Head of IT, Banco ABC Brasil and Armando Lemos, formerly Infrastructure Manager for the bank. “We had many deficiencies. Instead of trying to fix each isolated problem, we looked at what we had to do to improve our whole infrastructure.” Click on Banco ABC Brasil for reading Solution..

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Case Study on Hosted software development suite used by Boomi

I recently had a chat with Rick Nucci, founder and CTO, and Mitch Stewart, Engineering Manager, of Boomi. Boomi has been using Atlassian’s hosted software development tool, JIRA Studio, since it was released a few years ago. Boomi was initially interested in JIRA Studio’s bug tracking and integrated Subversion capabilities. They are gradually getting around to using JIRA Studio’s various other product integrations. Boomi is the market-leading provider of on-demand integration technology and the creator of AtomSphere, the industry’s first integration platform-as-a-service. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on AJ Lucas Group Ltd

AJ Lucas Group Limited is an Australian public company that provides construction and civil engineering services to the energy, water and telecommunications industries. With a reputation as a highly capable organisation, the company has experienced remarkable growth, becoming a leader in long-distance gas pipelines and horizontal directional drilling over the past few years. However, communications infrastructure was not keeping pace with expansion, creating problems of administration, cost and lost productivity. Lucas needed to upgrade its network, and since many operations are in remote areas, the company wanted a provider with a national presence. It therefore asked Telstra to deploy a communications network with the coverage, capabilities and cost-efficiencies Lucas needed. watch Video on AJ Lucas Group Ltd.

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