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A Case Study on Biodiversity Conservation

In brief, we learn that deforestation for implanting pastures is probably not economically justifiable at the individual rancher level and certainly not at greater spatial levels. We also show that wood extraction is not likely to be economically feasible for most landowners.

We learn that policy interventions to encourage biological diversity at the local level may focus upon informational barriers, conservation education and maximizing the sustainable, managed harvest of extractive and non-extractive goods and services other than cattle ranching. Finally, we learn that justification exists for integrating environmental policy in the Pantanal from local through, potentially international levels due to the global value of the Pantanal’s unique natural environment. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Silver Fern Farms

Silver Fern Farms is New Zealand’s leading procurer, processor and marketer of sheep, lamb, beef and venison. It is a co-operative that represents more than 20,000 sheep, cattle and deer farmers throughout New Zealand. With a history in New Zealand stretching as far back as 1948, the company was originally called Primary Producers Co-operative Society and traded under this name until 2008.

They rebranded due to a change in company strategy from a production-based approach to one of being market-focused. This new strategy was a fundamental philosophy change for Silver Fern Farms and is referred to as the ‘Plate to Pasture’ approach. It means the company now extensively researches the target market and supplies products that directly reflect customer demand. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Superior Quality Control

The slaughterhouse Gilde Bøndernes Salgslag in Tronheim, Norway, has as the first Scandinavian slaughterhouse been supplied with a Meat Flow Line ensuring trace ability all the way from the farmer to the consumer. The meat flow line is the future. So simple, does divisional manager Svend Nielsen from Carnitech characterize the recent initiative within boning and trimming of cattle. In co-operation with Marel, Carnitech has developed and designed the line, which guarantees trace ability without the use of boxes. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Importing & exporting

Barclays Business customer Richard O’Shea, 36, and his father Frank are the co-directors of Appropriate Applications – a thriving import / export business selling mosquito nets and cattle-fly insecticide. Richard explains how supplying farmers, aid organisations and multinationals in Africa has helped his company go from strength to strength.

Plan for challenges and opportunities: Richard and Frank knew there would be extra challenges working with foreign suppliers and buyers so prepared themselves in advance. ‘We did our homework meticulously and expected that legal headaches with import and export regulations, logistics and finding new customers would be the biggest hurdles – so we were prepared when they came. ‘We spoke to many quality, established suppliers who had been shipping internationally for years to get recommendations and advice when we started out.’ Click here to read more…