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A Case Study on Committee for Education Funding

The Raben Group has been a vital partner in our efforts to re-energize CEF. Joel and his colleagues bring exceptional skill, professionalism, and enthusiasm to their efforts to serve our members and we couldn’t be more satisfied. ” – Jon Fansmith, President of the Committee for Education Funding

The Raben Group manages all aspects of the CEF coalition, including advocacy, press outreach, membership retention and development, events, weekly updates, and weekly membership meetings. Principal Joel Packer, in addition to serving his other education clients, also serves as CEF’s Executive Director. Joel’s expertise in education budget and policy issues immediately led to an improved image for CEF and an increase in membership.

Our team has helped to significantly raise the frequency and quality of communications, issuing updates at least weekly that summarize and analyze congressional and Obama Administration activities. The firm has also increased CEF’s credibility and visibility with policymakers and the media. As Executive Director, Joel has been quoted in numerous media outlets including NPR’s All Things Considered, Marketplace, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Education Week, Education Daily, and The National Review. Click here to read more…

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A Case Studies on CEF Industries

Employee-owned leading designer and manufacturer of mechanical and electromechanical actuators, compressors, gear boxes, pumps and other engineered components for the global aerospace industry. The company focuses primarily on military customers, which collectively accounted for 85% of sales. In the year prior to sale, a majority of the company’s sales were related to the C-130 platform.

Assisted in the preparation of CEF’s multi-year, bottom-up forecast. Drafted comprehensive marketing materials that emphasized the company’s strong customer relationships and long-term agreements. Ran a controlled auction process, during which a lead bidder stepped forward. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Developing A CEF Based Curriculum

The idea of curriculum is not new, however, the way we understand and theorize it has changed over the years. Ornstein and Hunkins (2004) define curriculum as a plan that includes strategies for achieving desired goals. Much earlier, Bobbitt (1923) and Taba (1962) had approached curriculum from a wider perspective, describing the curriculum as a plan for learning, a production system, and a programme evaluation of the outcomes.

Programme evaluation, which is a very significant part of curriculum, has also been defined differently in literature. While some educators relate evaluation with measurement, the others define it as the assessment of specific objectives which need to be attained (Worthen and Sanders, 1988). Tyler (1991) briefly summarizes programme evaluation as a process essential to curriculum development. As indicated in all these definitions, programme evaluation is seen as a systematic effort that includes the collection, analysis and synthesis of information. Click here to read more…

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