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A Case Study on Approach to Talent Management: Allstate Inc.

These responsibilities included examining the business strategies to define and develop the capabilities required for key roles at various levels. To accomplish this, we identified a set of competencies or success factors that link many of our talent systems together. As a result we adjusted the way Allstate assesses people for hiring, promotion, and development. It included aligning development products and processes to reinforce and build the capabilities defined by our strategies. We linked together processes and practices beyond learning that effect performance, such as performance management, succession planning, talent reviews, development, and so forth. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Sasol Ltd

Sasol Technology Information Management (STIM), a division of Sasol Ltd, one of Africa’s largest producers of chemicals and liquid fuels products, embarked on implementing Nihilent’s patented MC3 framework for learning and innovation. STIM had to align with the Sasol group’s knowledge management strategy by building its own learning and knowledge processes. The revisiting of the Vision, Mission and Strategic objectives, helped in creating alignment as well as clarifying and expanding the objectives of STIM. Doing capability assessments and knowledge maps of individuals induced a feeling of personal worth and a clear understanding of expected competencies, traits and knowledge areas with our people. MC3 enabled the principle of “self control” at the individual level. Read more..

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Case Study on Innovations in the Healthcare Services Industry in India

The healthcare industry in India has come a long way from the days when those who could afford it had to travel abroad to get highly specialized services such as cardiac surgery, while others had to do without it.Today, patients from neighboring countries in Asia are coming to India to receive specialized medical treatment. Not only is India meeting international standards, but at prices that compare very favorably with developed countries.

Innovations Case Study

The report takes a look at the healthcare industry in India; how it has evolved, the innovations that have taken place in the industry, the emerging trends and the opportunities for the future. Through a few significant players in the industry, the report examines the competencies that India has developed in healthcare. It explores how these healthcare providers are endeavoring to provide services to India’s vast and widely spread population, through innovative methods. Click here to read more…/span>

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Case Studies on The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft LyncServer 2010

Case Studies about The Total Economic Impact of Microsoft LyncServer 2010

Executive Summary:- Microsoft Lync 2010 conveys new capacities and characteristics thatimprove and stretch unified conveyances ability for organizations that are avid to change the way they impart and team up –even the way their representatives function. Empowering quick access to specialists, associates, and leaders by means of the most optimal correspondences technique permits business to quicken business transform consummation by fundamentally diminishing human inactivity. Conveying Unified Communications (UC) and cooperation capacities in a programming based methodology empowers It administrators torapidly update existing Microsoft Office Communications Server (OCS) situations, or trade non-Microsoft foundation, and offer conveyances and cooperation competencies to their clients inside well known Microsoft situations like Office, Sharepoint, and Trade.

Lync 2010 conveys profits for both It experts and informative content specialists. Profits for the It conglomeration incorporate diminishing the expense and multifaceted nature of Uc stage execution and administration. Organizations will determine more amazing profits as the Lync result is carried into additional general use all through a conglomeration – permitting more collaboration with the right individuals -and doing so inside a solitary commonplace Microsoft requisition customer environment with which information specialists are as of now natural and agreeable – quickening appropriation and enhancing fulfillment. Numerous associations are redesigning from Ocs 2007, exploiting the simplicity of redesign and setup when the last forms of Microsoft Lync, Sharepoint and Trade are interconnected. This single specialist result can diminish the multifaceted nature, questionable matter, and cost of It and telephony operations and administration, while supporting new propels in worker profit accelerating more excellent business esteem. Keep reading…

Case Study for Strategic Workforce Planning

Case Study about Strategic Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is a systematic process for identifying, acquiring, developing, and retaining employees to meet the needs of the organization. It requires leadership; clearly articulated vision, mission, and strategic objectives; and cooperative, supportive efforts of staff in several functional areas. Workforce planning is an inclusive process, drawing together program management, strategic planning, budget, human resources, and program staff. It involves collaboration and information sharing.

Strategic planning sets organizational direction and articulates measurable program goals and objectives. The budget operationalizes strategic plans for the budget period. Human resources provides tools for identifying competencies needed in the workforce and for recruiting, developing, and training employees to build the workforce of the future. Workforce planning is an effort to focus on developing information that can help an organization make decisions for both the short and long term, yet allow for flexibility in a changing environment. Keep reading…

Case Studies on Strategy and Structure Follow People: Improving Organizational Performance Through Effective Executive Search

A Case Study about Strategy and Structure Follow People: Improving Organizational Performance Through Effective Executive Search

Executive Summary:- New approaches to executive search and executive resource planning are required if these functions are to have a strategic impact on improving organizational performance. The need to map and match specific executive perspectives and competencies to the future needs of the business is required if executive search and executive resource pIanning are to become strategic management tools. This paper examines the three “drivers” of strategic leadersbip and provides a framework for synchronizing specific executive perspectives and competencies to these three drivers.

Increased competition has transformed strategic planning and implementation from a sequential to a concurrent process. Given the need to formulate and implement strategy at the same time, it is becoming increasingly clear that the perspectives (framework for synthesizing information) and competence (cognitive power, knowledge/skills, motivation/values) which each executive brings to a specific role will determine the way he or she will assess, choose, and implement corporate strategy and organizational structure. Strategy and structure follow people. That is why the ability to seek out key executives whose perspectives and competencies match the future needs of the business is rapidly emerging as a critical aspect in strategic management. Keep reading…

Case Study on Preparedness and Program Management Technical Assistance

Study about Preparedness and Program Management Technical Assistance

Readiness TA benefits try to fabricate and uphold abilities in backing of the four country security mission territories (avoidance, security, reaction, and recuperation) and the suite of necessities and competencies sketched out in the Guidelines. As proficience crevices are distinguished inside State and nearby locales, Preparedness TA administrations are composed, advanced, and conveyed to address those necessities and construct capacities in the most basic regions.

The GPD Program Management TA administrations furnish administer support in the stronghold and improvement of the general country security regulatory structure inside State and nearby purviews. These TA administrations help manufacture the base at the State and nearby levels in which readiness buys, preparing exercises, activities, and extra help can exactly be maintained, managed, followed, and measured. This segment of the general TA Program incorporates benefits kept tabs on award reporting, stipends administration, general country security project administration, and asset administration procedures for unique needs urisdictions. Keep reading…

A Case Study on Discipline-Specific Learning Outcomes

A Case Study about Discipline-Specific Learning Outcomes

Abstract: Qualifications frameworks provide overarching reference points to encourage consistency in, and facilitate comparability across, a wide range of educational awards. These reference points provide indicators as to the level and type of an award, and often, the volume of student workload associated with the particular award.

The National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) level indicators are expressed in terms of knowledge, skills and competences, each of which is further defined in sub-strands, for example breadth and kind of knowledge, range and selectivity of skill-sets, and context for the development of competencies[1].   In order to be relevant across the full spectrum of awards within a given educational system, the learning outcomes underpinning such frameworks are necessarily written at a high level of generality. Keep reading…

A Case Study on Strategic Marketing Management: Christopher Cashen

Introduction: Through extensive External and Internal analysis, the formulation for the best fit strategy has been developed and refined to suit the resources, culture and infrastructure of Lilly ICOS LLC. The name of the drug has been changed and the marketing approach developed as per the findings of the Macro environment, the Market, Competition, Internal Marketing Audit, and a SWOT Analysis. A decision on each of the marketing mix is taken to compliment the strategy chosen based on the competencies and resources of the product team. There was also a suggested means of organisation and control suggested as per recommendations given.

External Marketing Audit

Macro environment: Johnson and Scholes (1999) have stated that a framework for environmental analysis is imperative to provide the strategist, not just the current state of the environment in which Lilly ICOS LLC are setto perform in, but also how it is most likely to develop. With this is mind, the scanning and analysing of the Macro environment is done with the likely future directions of each force..

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Case Study in Emotional Intelligence on Leadership Behavior

Emotional Intelligence on Leadership Behavior
Abstract: The research aims to identifying the effect of the emotional intelligence on the UNRWA leaders (health centers manager’s) behavior and how it shapes their ability to lead and influence their teams to achieve organizational objectives and their ability to mobilize efforts of staff. It aims at identifying the different variables and competencies needed for effective leadership. This research adapted the Traits emotional intelligence model of Petrides with its four components well being, self control, empathy, and sociability and their effects on the leadership style as defined by the full range leadership theory.

The research also aims at identifying the differences between respondents as attributed to their personal and professional traits gender, age, academic qualifications, and years of experience, years working under the supervision of the manager, grade, and span of control.

Introduction: Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a relatively contemporary concept that has strongly emerged in the management field. While psychologists have pioneered in studying and researching emotional intelligence, extensive research on the role of emotional intelligence in the management field has been conducted. Research has confirmed the existence of strong ties between emotional intelligence and leadership. The emotional intelligence has now established roots in the fields of human resource and organizational behaviors..
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