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A Case Study on Enterprise Risk Management: Allstate Inc.

In 2000, The Allstate Corporation started on an exciting and uncharted new course: to become an early insurance industry adopter of enterprise risk management (ERM). It has been a complex journey that has helped provide a deeper insight into the company’s underlying risk profile, enhanced the way Allstate manages risk in several significant ways and helped generate actions to better exploit risk opportunities.

The company’s initial effort began some years earlier at the direction of then-CFO, Tom Wilson, who established new capital allocation and valuation models for use in the finance function. Later, as Wilson moved into an operating role, John Carl joined Allstate as CFO and asked his staff what the company’s risk-adjusted returns were. A series of conversations resulted in a decision to explore developing a more quantitatively rigorous approach to measuring risk, similar to what was practiced in the oil and gas industry. Click here to read more…

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AutoNation Case Study

Connecting Corporate HQ with the Customer’s Voice.

AutoNation uses FeedMagnet to power branded screens in their corporate headquarters. AutoNation needed a way to get more employees in touch with the customer’s voice and shift attitudes towards social media. The company already used analytics tools in their social strategy- the problem was getting everyone in the organization to look at the reports being generated by them.

AutoNation Case Study

FeedMagnet set up a branded display that pulls in everyone talking about (and checking in at) AutoNation’s hundreds of dealerships around the U.S., as well as posts from their own social media team. The AutoNation screens are purely internal-facing, with a goal of increasing internal awareness of these conversations among their employees. Keep reading

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Case Study on B2B gateway connecting Telstra and FOXTEL

Study about B2B gateway connecting Telstra and FOXTEL

Telstra are a reseller of FOXTEL content through cable and satellite services to Consumer Customers. Customers choose a content package that suits their need and Telstra contract with FOXTEL for the delivery of this capability. This includes the installation of hardware services (cable or satellite) to the customer’s premise and the subsequent supply of content as agreed.The delivery of these services is managed by FOXTEL and includes the installation of equipment at the customer’s premise, the provision of and changes to the customer packages, and related services such as credit managed controls, etc

The existing Business-to-Business Gateway between the two organisations did not provide a realtime view of the services supplied at either an address or to a customer, to the Telstra Consultant. This resulted in extended call times (including three-way conversations between a FOXTEL operator, Telstra consultant and the Customer) and a poor customer experience with misalignment common between the two systems. Keep reading…

Case Study of FICO

The FICO brand means empowerment, innovation and value…qualities that we’ve earned over time that mean a great deal to our clients and partners, and that distinguish us in the marketplace.”
Laurent Pacalin, Chief Marketing Officer, FICO.

Positioning content practices as strategic, making business cases that get funding, and selling up within the organization are among the most common challenges presented to Gilbane Group analysts in conversations with users, adopters, and buyers of content technologies.

Our advice to clients always includes aligning the target investment with the strategic goals and objectives of the business. By placing content practices and infrastructures directly in the path of promises to customers and shareholders, managers improve their chances of securing financial and sponsorship support. In some cases, they can effect innovative change that not only advances their domain’s capabilities but also results in new value creation for the enterprise.
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Case Study about Academies Enterprise Trust

Ultraspeed provide a service we can trust that makes my life easier. I don’t need to worry about procuring hardware or setting it up – they’ve provided everything we need out of a box, ready for me to configure. In terms of technical support, you couldn’t beat them. I’ve had conversations with engineers at 10pm at night and there are not many companies you get that kind of response from.
Neil Bannerman, ICT Infrastructure Manager, Academies Enterprise Trust.

The Academies Enterprise Trust was set up in 2008 with the aim of giving young learners the opportunity to fulfill their potential. The AET manages schools that the government has deemed to be failing, which have been subsequently turned into academies. The AET is responsible for providing them with training, support and guidance, ensuring that teachers and students alike are able to perform to the best of their abilities.

The Problem: Historically, the AET conducted all of their hosting activities internally due to existing arrangements. They then got to the point where it made sense in terms of business planning and continuity to move their core functionality to an outsourced solution. They envisaged that this solution should improve reliability, scalability and have a strong element of disaster recovery, features which were not strictly in their skill sets. Find out more for Academies Enterprise Trust

Case Study on Framework for Improving Organizational Interventions

This technical note analyzes and explores frameworks for improving interventions in organizations. Organizations are complex ecosystems of assumptions, artifacts, and interactions. By understanding how the current system is arranged and recognizing the broader impacts of any intervention, leaders can make more impactful and lasting changes to their organizations.

Any framework is only as good as the assumptions that are baked into it. Often the data needed to answer the questions in this framework are not readily known; therefore, leaders must be open to using methodologies such as ethnography, interviewing, focus groups, and conversations to better solicit these data from key stakeholders. Keep reading

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Case Study on Club Mahindra

Executive Summary: The true power of social media is in its innate ability to collaborate and crowd-source. We wanted to tap into these very attributes, and harness and maximize them for our campaign . This inspired us to launch Verse-a-tile, a crowd-sourced travel and holiday poem. The campaign was a runaway success and far exceeded our expectations. The objective of the campaign was to gather conversations and also add to our follower-base, both of which were fulfilled. The campaign also earned us rave reviews in the digital community, and was lauded by the media. Read more..

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Analyzing the Impact of Multichannel Marketing: A Case Study Told in Four Conversations

Check out this hypothetical marketing conversation with your customer: They hear about your service through a radio ad, or read about you in a local newspaper. They conduct an internal discovery meeting and then go online to further research your service via a search engine or direct-to-site entry. Finally after careful research and consideration (and if the competition hasn’t already influenced them with more a more relevant message up to now), they sign a deal with you, but through an in-store visit or phone call to your telesales unit.

Face it, this story is the norm for your sales engagements. Your customers see you as one brand exhibiting one persona across multiple channels. They don’t draw the distinctions on a revenue spreadsheet or forecast model, nor should they need to. Show them one message at point A and then communicate something else at point B, and you begin to deviate from your initial promise and possibly betray their trust. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Market Segmentation To Grow Customers, Sales And Profits

Deepen market research when you realize that the market is shifting, growing, and becoming more diverse. Identify possibilities for segmenting your markets or identifying a new niche through ongoing conversations with customers and analyses of industry trends.

Case Study on Market Segmentation To Grow Customers, Sales And Profits

See the benefits and constraints of segmenting markets solely on traditional demographics (age, income, and ethnicity), which are very often geographically clustered. Recognize that income doesn’t necessarily indicate willingness to spend; instead, personal priorities are just as likely to dictate consumer behaviors and spending habits. To refer this case study click here Market Segmentation To Grow Customers, Sales And Profits

Case Study: How a Mom-and-Pop Operation Turned Itself Into a Cult Brand

Has the world of marketing come full circle? As social media turns what we consider to be “traditional” on its end by empowering the people and endorsing two-way conversations over broadcast messaging, more brands are realizing the importance of methods employed long before the days of mass media, mass messaging, and mass efficiencies—that is, straightforward, one-to-one relationship-building.

Case Study: How a Mom-and-Pop Operation Turned Itself Into a Cult Brand

In fact, a recent study from IBM, which interviewed more than 1,500 CEOs, general managers, and senior public-sector leaders from 60 countries and 33 industries, found that the majority of company leaders (88%) view deeper customer relationships as the most important dimension of realizing their business strategies in the next five years.Click here to read more Mom and Pop…

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