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A Case Study on Multicultural Teams

Multicultural teams – curse or blessing? With this provocative question, Lianne Roembke presents in a rather drastic manner the spectrum of the possible outcomes of multicultural teamwork. What makes this remark so powerful is that it applies not only to missionaries (as originally implied by the author), but to any groups which may include members from several cultures or nations: diplomats, soldiers, consultants, marketers, sportspeople, flight attendants, scientists, or engineers. Indeed, managing multicultural teams can be a tightrope walk: on the one hand, when not handled properly, such teams can turn into extremely irksome stumbling blocks for a company or a project. Click here to read more…

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A Report on The Caste System In India

The Caste System In India

The caste system is one of the greatest social evils plaguing our country today. It is acting as a powerful social and political divisive force in our country at a time when it is absolutely essential for us to be united if we wish to face our nation’s challenges. It is a curse on our country which must be speedily eradicated if we wish to progress.

In India, the caste system developed and is prevalent since ancient times and it remains as a great thorn and mystery in the flesh of Mother India.It is believed to have been adopted by the Brahmins to express their superiority and to maintain it. Then the Aryan races swept into India from the North and they wanted them to be superior to the insiders and so they maintained the prevalent caste systems. Gradually the caste system became formalized into four major groups, each with its own rules and regulations and code of conduct.

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