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Case Study for Vascutek Ltd

Vascutek has always considered Scotland to be an excellent location from a business standpoint.
– Dr. Roshan Maini, President, Vascutek Ltd

Vascutek Ltd is part of the Japanese owned Terumo Corporation. The company markets a wide range of grafts for the treatment of diseased and damaged arteries. Grafts are marketed by the company in the UK and worldwide by various distributors and direct operations.The company is driven by an ethos of technical excellence, stringent quality control and total customer service…

Challenges: The main challenges facing the company are to expand the existing facility at Inchinnan through new product development and to increase sales in Europe, Japan and other export markets. Ongoing development of new generation, endovascular products is a particular technical challenge, yet one which must be pursued if the company is to continue to develop in the increasingly sophisticated, global, medical devices market place. View more on Vascutek Ltd

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Case Study on Swatch

The Swatch Group Ltd. is the number one manufacturer of finished watches in the world. It is also active in the manufacture of jewellery, watch movements and components. It produces nearly all the components needed to manufacture the watches sold under its 14 brands and the multi-brand Tourbillon retail label, as well as the entire Swiss watchmaking industry. The Challenge: Each month, Swatch despatches up to 7,000 watches from its service and repair centres in Southampton, Oldham and London. The watches, which could be worth anything from £20 to around £5,000 each, are sent to retailers and private customers across the UK. Swatch, which had been using Royal Mail, wanted a delivery service that offered a high level of tracking and monitoring to help it reduce the number of missing items and thereby enhance customer service. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Eskom Holdings Ltd

Eskom Holdings Ltd. of South Africa is one of the world’s leading power producers, supplying virtually all of the energy to its home country and half of the power across the African continent. Its 3.7 million customers initiate over 3 million customer service contacts every year via phone, fax, e-mail, hard copy and SMS messages. In that same period, Eskom itself makes nearly 1 million phone calls and SMS pushes. Providing such service across seven contact centers, in seven different languages, is a challenging feat. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Superpharm

By using Sybase technology, Superpharm has been able to develop an end-to-end solution with unique architecture that combines both a central and local database that enables maximum availability.
— UGil Zippori, Director of Information Systems, Superpharm.

Superpharm, one of Israel’s largest retailers, needed to develop a reliable system that enabled maximum availability, faster operations, real-time replication. They turned to Sybase technology to provide them with this solution. Today Superpharm can continue to grow and gain competitiveness with the ability to provide optimal customer service.

Superpharm provides its customers with a convenient shopping experience with its ‘one stop shop’ approach—a supermarket and pharmacy in one. This unique shopping environment has lead Superpharm to be one of Israel’s leading retail chains. Gil Zippori, director of information systems at Superpharm, describes the Sybase system, “We are dealing with a database that provides outstanding performance. Operations on the previous database that once took hours are now carried out in seconds or minutes. Sybase includes a real-time replication mechanism that provides us with both high availability and extraordinary performance. It is a very stable system that has proved itself within the chain of stores, and it works quite well.”…
Click here to learn more about Superpharm

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Study on CRM Framework to Improve Customer Service

The need was to develop a repeatable and sustainable process to improve and measure customer satisfaction. There was a lack of coherence and visibility in initiatives taken by various divisions to improve customer service. Customer information and cost of service was not readily available for decision-making. Overall, there was a need to create a customer centric, cross-functional process orientation for the organization. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Vanguard Systems Thinking Method

Using the Vanguard Systems Thinking Method, our consultants have helped customers save millions of Pounds, Dollars and Euros, turn around customer service, win national awards and gain competitive advantage. Whether you are looking for a fast check of your service to see if there is scope for improvement or a full change programme to transform your performance and budgets, we can help. Click here to read more…

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Case Study of Karcher

As part of the global Kärcher brand, Kärcher UK is the market leader in its sector. Kärcher manufactures and markets a vast range of products, from pressure washers and road sweepers to army field kitchens. Although Kärcher doesn’t manufacture in the UK, staff based at the Banbury head office are tasked with selling, distributing and servicing the products around the country. To be number one, Kärcher UK depends on its staff and so wanted to reward and encourage them by providing externally recognised training. After talking with Intec, Kärcher decided to run NVQ level 2 in Business Administration, Customer Service and Management, in order to cover the needs of as many staff as possible.
Click here to learn more on Karcher

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A Case Study on Retail Management

Suvidha’ is an upcoming chain of retail outlets for spreading their network in major metro cities. It has established a good name in quality home-made food products named ‘Mom’s recipes’. These products range from ready-to-cook vegetables, chapattis, pickles, salads etc. which have gained immense popularity among the working class. The company also assigns great importance to customer service.

Prakash is a business school graduate who has recently joined one of the outlets of Suvidha, as an intern. The Manager of the outlet has given him the task of optimizing the operations, with specific focus on employee costs and waiting time at the billing counters. Over 4 weeks, Prakash made some observations regarding customer footfalls at the Mall, average billing per customer and the average billing time. He also did a survey to understand the customers’ expectations about the waiting time at the billing counters. Click here to read more…

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A Case Studies on Banco Bradesco

Banco Bradesco, founded in 1943, is the second-largest private bank in Brazil, with more than 4,060 branches and 50,000 automatic teller machines across the country. Bradesco offers a range of financial services, including online banking, insurance, pension plans, annuities, credit card services, savings bonds, and personal and commercial loans.

The organization needs to maintain high availability for several mission-critical customer-facing applications, including a customer service portal based on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010. “This application is our main customer service channel, and it is a key point of interaction with our customers,” says Wilson Yoshio Okamoto, IT Manager, Bradesco Bank. “Also critical is our online banking site, which handles thousands of customer transactions every day. If these applications go down, the bank’s business stops.” Click here to read more…