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Case Study on A Population-Wide ID card (Estonia)

Estonia has implemented the electronic ID card as the primary document for identifying its citizens and the alien residents living within the country. The card, besides being a physical identification document, has advanced electronic functions that facilitate secure authentication and legally binding digital signature, in connection with nationwide online services. The Estonian ID card is used to gain access to a number of Internet-based services, including viewing and changing data in the Estonian Citizenship and Migration Board systems, running queries to the national registers, using the E-Tax Board, gaining access to several banks, giving digital signatures, purchasing and using ID-tickets, and many others. Click here to read more on..

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Case Study on Electronic ID card in Parma

The electronic ID card as the key to access new on-line services and as a tool for eDemocracy.The municipality of Parma has acted as an experimental site for the new Italian electronic identity card. This project involved technicians from Rome collaborating with those in Parma as well as a range of private sector partners in carrying out a fundamental review of local municipal service provision. Click here to read more on..

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Case Study on Open Portal Guard

The Open Portal Guard project was initiated by the Town of Grosseto, Tuscany, Italy, to provide secure e-government services for citizens using one of the official national smartcards for authentication: * the Electronic ID Card (Carta d’Identit√É Elettronica or CIE) by the Ministry of the Interior and issued by Towns * the National Service Card (Carta Nazionale dei Servizi or CNS) by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology that is issued by regional governments (including Lombardia, Lazio, Tuscany) and others. Starting from January 2007, access control based on these cards will be mandatory for all Public Administrations in Italy. Click here to read more on..

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