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A Case Study on Online Matrimony Services in India

The caselet deals with the evolution of online matrimonial services in India. Most of the companies offering matrimonial services initially focused on the field of match-making but they later started extending their service offering to include services like wedding planning, horoscope matching, etc. Unlike the traditional matchmaking operations, which were restricted to certain areas, the online matrimonial services have a pan Indian presence. This has given the online companies a competitive advantage that traditional companies have not been able to match. The caselet also mentions how dailies are finding it useful to go online when it comes to matrimonial advertisements. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Leverages of BPM in Order Process

A business process is an activity or set of activities that accomplish a specific organizational goal. Each activity is linked with defined set of business rules and business users who should accomplish it. It is important for every business to proliferate by means of successful execution of all business process. In today’s dynamic scenario it is important to evolve these processes to match up best output of business with deliverable.

These evolution in business process commonly become bottle neck when it comes to IT implementation. Business Process Management (BPM) brings a smart solution for all business who led process oriented organization and their process get evolve or fine tuned more frequently over the period of time. In definition BPM is: BPM ”Business process management (BPM) is a systematic approach to making an organization’s workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment.” Click here to read more…

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Case Study for Keybridge Accounting

A lot of my clients come to me bearing MANY questions about the logo design process. I have clients that don’t know what they want at all, and some that come to me with very clear ideas of what they want their identity to look like. Most are somewhere in between. But regardless of where you fit into this spectrum, we can help guide you through the process and make it easier for you to decide.

Keybridge Accounting is a new client that we have, and Lyz knows exactly what she wants. Clients like Lyz are really fun to work with, and from conception to completion she played a very large role in the project. I truly believe the evolution of her logo pushed me to think outside the box and find ways to combine her ideas with my design style. The overall result is a mesh between both of our personalities. Find out more about Keybridge Accounting

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Case Study for Tickethour

The Challenge: The next stage in the company’s evolution was to target the Western European market and the United Kingdom was the perfect first step to take. However, the most immediate challenge was deciding how best to set up a local IT infrastructure to host the ticketing application.There were a number of available options; the company could connect back to the hosted servers in Athens but potential customers were adamant about keeping data held within the UK and there were concerns about bottlenecks across a wide network…

The Solution: Tickethour decided that Fujitsu offered the security and scalability it needed while also guaranteeing that data could be exclusively stored within the UK. What proved equally appealing was its ease of use. Tickethour was keen to get operational so getting its service up and running quickly was essential. After a month of testing and technical exploration, Tickethour’s ticketing platform was ready to go live in the UK…
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Case Study on Green Rock Energy Limited

Green Rock Energy Limited is an ASX listed company focused on developing commercially sound renewable geothermal energy projects. The Company has projects in Australia and Europe and is a sponsor member of the International Energy Agency’s Geothermal Implementing Agreement. Other than hydro-power which is vulnerable to periods of low rainfall, geothermal energy is the only renewable energy source that can provide base load electricity supply.

It has little or no emissions, a small geographical footprint, operates at high availability levels (around 95%) and, where located close to market or the power grid, can be developed incrementally, thus significantly reducing development risk. The extraction of energy from deep-seated hot rocks, also referred to as enhanced geothermal systems, hot dry rocks and hot fractured rocks, is the next step in the evolution of geothermal energy.

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Case Study on Formula One Group

LETTER FROM MINDSHIFT INTERACTIVE…There is a lot of speculation and thought around the Social Media landscape even as thought leaderspredict what it will bring along next. At MindShift Interactive we make statements based on insights.Whether it is to predict the next big Social Network or even a campaign that is apt for your business,we do it with the help of processes, tools and a team of Social Media and Research experts.

Social Media has evolved beyond experimentation and has been acknowledged as the newmarketing tool, a tool that is here to stay. Some businesses have accepted this shift; investing inbuilding and creating a significant Social Media outreach. While this evolution is a necessity, it isincreasingly important for businesses to translate their Social Media efforts into understanding howconsumers perceive their brand, and gather intelligence. Read more..

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nw7BM_8MCls&w=640&h=360]

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Case Studies on Evolution of Financial Risk Analytics at EnCana

EnCana is one of North America’s leading independent gas and oil production companies. We buy and sell product in the market place and need to offset and monitor risk from market movements, and assess risks associated with our customers, to ensure business is conducted within acceptable financial risk profiles. We have needed greater sophistication in our Risk Analytics to calculate “at-risk” metrics on revenue and mark-to-market including VaR, CVaR, PFE, CFaR along with other market, credit and liquidity metrics. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on NBC Universal

NBC is one of the most-watched television networks of all-time and has led the industry in the evolution from television to the web back in the late ‘90s. Now a decade later, the move to mobile was well underway, and NBC had a decision to make.Like many media companies, NBC had many choices within the mobile space to consider when getting started in mobile, particularly in mobile applications. Initially their approach was to work with a show to create one-off apps, however this became challenging to maintain, update, and sustain long-term. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Cognizant Technology Solutions

The healthcare industry is in a state of flux. Traditional models for delivering care, serving policyholders and employers, and managing revenues, are increasingly ineffective. Regulatory agencies want higher levels of service and quality—and lower costs. Healthcare consumers demand the same, with generational divisions about how they want to interact with their service providers.

Delivering higher quality and better service coupled with cost containment calls for reinvention and transformation. That’s what Cognizant will help you achieve. Cognizant enables healthcare organizations to create more efficient, effective, innovative and virtualized business models. We arm your enterprise with the strategic thinking to effectively respond no matter what directions the healthcare industry’s evolution takes. Click here to read more…

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