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Case Study on Diligent Board Member Services Inc.

The following discussion and analysis of our financial condition and results of operations should be read in conjunction with our consolidated financial statements and related notes that appear elsewhere in this Form 10-Q. In addition to historical consolidated financial information, the following discussion contains forward-looking statements that reflect our plans, estimates and beliefs. Our actual results could differ materially from those discussed in the forward-looking statements. Click here to read more…

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Case Study in Dollar Tree Logistics

Go shopping in the “dollar channel” with this case, which explores the decision of a fast-growing company to expand its distribution network. The case provides financial information that allows students to build an understanding of the basic distribution-network design, which covers inbound transportation, outbound transportation, distribution-center operations, and inventory. Click here to read more…

Dollar Tree Case Study

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Case Study on Financial Records and Information Systems in Tanzania

Case Study about Financial Records and Information Systems in Tanzania

Introduction:- Records, and the qualified information they hold, are an important holding that must be administered and secured. Records give the crucial confirmation that a specific activity or transaction occurred or that a specific choice was made. Records underpin all business capacities and are discriminating to the appraisal of arrangements and programmes, and to the dissection of single and organisational exhibition. Without solid records, government can’t regulate equity and can’t operate the state’s assets, its income or its respectful administration. It can’t convey administrations, for example instruction and medicinal services.

New innovations give incredible potential to enhance benefits and productivity, however the proof base upon which governments depend should press on to be secured and safeguarded. For drives, for example e-government and e-trade to be auspicious, governments must have access to qualified data that holds certain urgent aspects: the qualified data must be accessible, precise, important, complete, definitive, credible and secure. The point of the Confirmation Based Influence venture is to make records administration a foundation of the worldwide improvement driving force. The test is to modify and modernise qualified data and records administration frameworks in parallel with reciprocal measures to enhance the broader environment for open segment administration. Keep reading…

Case Study on Strategic Management Accounting Practices in Croatia

Case Study about Strategic Management Accounting Practices in Croatia

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to provide an insight into strategic management accounting practices and their implications on relevance and timeliness of information used managers. The research is based on a questionnaire survey of the large-sized Croatian companies. Activity based costing and quality costing represent the most widely used strategic management accounting techniques in the Croatian sample. The results of the empirical research indicate that the fundamental purpose of strategic management accountig, and that is providing broad scope of relevant and timely information, is fulfilled. It was hypothesized that synergistic effect of the different strategic management accounting techniques implementation has a positive impact on cost control and reduction.

Introduction: The business environment has become intensively dynamic and increasingly unpredictable in recent decades and, correspondingly, managing company has become more demanding. To achieve competitiveness, companies apply different strategies and management accounting should be used as one of the main supporting system for strategy implementation. For this purpose strategic management accounting and strategic cost management have been developed. Kenneth Simmonds is considered to be the founder of strategic management accounting when he introduced the concept in 1981. Simmonds (1981: 26) defines strategic management accounting as monitoring and analysis of management accounting information of the enterprise and its competitors in order to develop and control strategy. Bromwich (1990: 28) believes that strategic management accounting provides financial information about the market in which the company sells its products and the costs and cost structure of competitors. Keep reading..

Case Study on KIT Finance

Case Study about KIT Finance

Business Needs: KIT Finance offers a full range of investment banking services for institutional and individual investors. Its core strength resides in its experienced team of investment advisors. One of the principal components of the IT team’s mission is to provide employees with rapid problem resolution to maximize uptime. The IT team strives to provide uninterrupted service to its internal customers, along with enhanced security, as employees work with sensitive financial and customer information.

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A Case Study on Amplify Credit Union

Background: Established in 1967, Amplify Credit Union is an Austin–based, member-owned financial institution with over 42,000 members. While it’s grown tremendously, its first priority has always been in serving the best interests of its members. Every decision the organization makes is fueled by its responsibility as stewards of its members’ finances, including the security and accessibility of its financial data. This was very much the case when it came time for Amplify to relocate sensitive financial information to a new data center facility.

Solution: Amplify Credit Union has been a network services customer of Data Foundry for over 10 years. In that time, Data Foundry has become a trusted service provider. It’s that level of outstanding service that ensured Data Foundry was on the short list of potential colocation service providers.Click here to read more…

Case Study on SIX Telekurs

Challenge: SIX Telekurs wanted to partner with a company that could deliver financial information, including real-time market data from exchanges in Asia, to their clients. By intensifying its collaboration with Transaction Network Services (TNS) it can source real-time market data from high growth financial centres in Asia. Click here to read more…

Case Study of Regulatory News Service (RNS)

Challenge: RNS is the Regulatory News Service division of the London Stock Exchange and is the market leader in the distribution of corporate financial information to the world’s financial markets. RNS Submit is the tool used by listed companies to pass information into the RNS news distribution network and on to the investment community…

Solution: Replacing an existing electronic service will always involve investment in technology and platforms. Making the correct technology investments is a challenge at the best of times, but for the London Stock Exchange the challenge was magnified, as many priorities of equal standing all needed to be met, from operating under the highest level of data scrutiny and security, to providing both the most intuitive and most sophisticated service offering to the world’s financial markets and listed companies…
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Case Study on Credential Financial Inc.

Credential Financial Inc. provides Canadian credit unions and independent investment firms with a full complement of wealth management dealer services, back office administration and in-branch support. To meet regulatory requirements and keep financial information secure, the company’s IT team focuses on ensuring technology assets are protected..

Situation: Vancouver-based Credential Financial Inc. is the national wealth management dealer for the Canadian credit union system. With five regional offices and more than 250 employees across the country, the financial services organization offers a full suite of financial products and dealer services to community-based financial services organizations. Keep reading