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Case Study on Hoya Lens UK

With thousands of products in transit every month, Hoya needs flexibility as well as reliability. The company, which has been a customer of the DX Group for 10 years, wants choice in everything from the timing of deliveries to the charging structures and arrangements for confirming that parcels and other items of post have arrived safely. In addition to dealing with products made at its factory in the UK, the company has recently asked DX – the UK & Ireland’s leading independent mail, courier and secure logistics company – to help it distribute Hoya products imported from Thailand. Click here to read more…

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Case Study for Lombardia Informatica

Our organization is continually changing and the virtualized environments guarantee flexibility and fast development times impossible to obtain in other ways.
– Paolo Fornasari, Technologies and Services Director, Lombardia Informatica.

Lombardia Informatica is the operating entity of the Lombardy Region which deals with all the region’s IT demand and supply activities. The company plays a pivotal role between the demand of the public administration body, the supply of the information & communication technology market and the individuals/businesses using the services. In the last financial year (2010) it handled business worth approximately 200 million euros and, in terms of production and management capacity, this enabled it to become the leading “captive” IT company in Italy. About 60% of Lombardia Informatica’s turnover comes from the market through public calls for tender. Find out more about Lombardia Informatica

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Case Study for Stadtwerke München

Managing virtualization with a Fujitsu Blade Servers infrastructure gives us even greater flexibility and, at the same time, is a highly available solution for the protection of our business-critical applications and services.
– Pascal Fuckerieder, Team Leader Database Applications, Stadtwerke München.

Stadtwerke München (SWM) is a city-owned utility and service company. As a service provider for the capital and its region, SWM plays a central role in providing vital services of general interest to Munich’s citizens. For decades, SWM has supplied the Bavarian metropolis with energy (electricity, natural gas and district heating) and fresh drinking water from the alpine uplands of Bavaria and consistently assures the maximum safe and prudent use of resources. Click here to find out more on Stadtwerke München

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Case Study on A. Daigger & Company Inc

ADP’s HR/Benefits Solution puts our data in one place. It gives us the uniformity we need and the flexibility we want.”
– Jennifer Neuman, Vice President of Human Resources, A. Daigger & Company, Inc., Vernon Hills, Illinois

Established in 1894, A. Daigger & Company, Inc. is a leading supplier of laboratory and scientific equipment and associated supplies to government, schools, and research institutions. In recent years, other corporate entities, including ETA/Cuisenaire and earning Resources®, have joined the family -owned group of companies. Headquartered in Vernon Hills, Illinois, the group has approximately 400 employees. Click here to learn more about A. Daigger & Company Inc

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Case Study for German Historical Institute

The customer: Founded in 1888, the German Historical Institute in Rome is one of Germany’s oldest foreign historical organisations. The institute’s activities revolve around historical research and it offers scholars a library collection that stretches from the late medieval period to the end of the Second World War, containing over 157,000 books and 645 present-day journals. The institute also houses a Music History section, which focuses on inter-relations and influences between Italian and German music, with a library numbering some 55,000 books and 400 journals.

The challenge: The desire to raise the profile of its research and make it more accessible led the institute to build multimedia databases that enable online consultation of research and book collections, which were previously only available in hard copies. The process began in around 2003, with each application or project initially being assigned a dedicated server. However, “this growth method turned out to be increasingly unsustainable as time went on,” remembers Niklas Bolli, IT Systems Manager at the institute. “So, in 2010 we embarked on a consolidation process in order to contain costs and ensure adequate flexibility for future developments.”
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Case Study for Acacia

With hosting, we save substantial costs for software, hardware, and IT infrastructure and take full advantage of the flexibility, scalability, and control we gain with Microsoft Dynamics NAV.”
-Clive Brazier, Business Systems Director, Acacia

Business Needs: Ireland-based Acacia provides facility management services so that its clients can focus their resources on their core business activities. The company manages and consults on a variety of facility components, including technical services, energy management, cleaning, catering, security, and utility services. Providing a one-stop shop for clients, Acacia manages specialist suppliers, which may include as many as 30 per client, and develops and manages the facilities services budget for each client to cover all the services Acacia provides…
Learn more on Case Study for Acacia

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Case Study for Winsight

Winsight, a subsidiary of Winwise, designs software and offers services, technology training, and consulting on projects. Specialists in implementing business intelligence (BI) decision support systems in IT systems based on Microsoft® technologies, Winsight has its own line of tools called OLAP Webhouse. A notable member of this lineup is ReportSmith.net, a decision support interface that unites both the power of analysis and flexibility in reporting in a single Web application. ReportSmith.net complements Microsoft SQL Server™ Reporting Services, and had only a Web browser as its client—until recently. Read further..

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Case Study for Bravura Solutions Ltd

Bravura Solutions is responsible for managing the production and output of increasingly complex and high-volume communications for The Bank of New York Mellon. The existing document production system could not offer the flexibility and scope required to develop the documentation in a highly specific and controlled manner. Bravura Solutions needed a new system that could not only handle the demands of complex, high-volume documents, but also provide a user-friendly interface, and slot effortlessly into existing IT infrastructure. Read more..

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Case Study for Boral Ltd

One Imarda example of standardization and flexibility in action can be seen in the following Boral case study. This is an excellent example of a concrete industry business process being supported by the benefits of Imarda’s fleet vehicle management solution. Boral Limited, Australia’s largest supplier of building and construction materials, called on SmartTrack when they needed to improve their concrete delivery processes. Read more..

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