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A Case Study on Global Leadership Operational Plan: Boeing Company

Boeing has experienced operational problems due to lack of understanding of personnel issues and unethical conduct. As an international management consultant called in to advise the Boeing Company about issues affecting its ability to optimize operations in today’s economy, this author offers a prospectus on these unique issues facing Boeing; how these issues may affect optimizing key operational elements and changes needed to enhance operations management in the future.

The Boeing Company is a well established American icon of the aeronautical industry, having started business in 1916, not long after the Wright Brothers flew the first plane in 1903 (Boeing History, First Flight). Since those early beginnings, Boeing has expanded across the United States and the world, holding major contracts with many governments and as a primary builder of the International Space Station (Integrated Defense Systems). Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Sustainable Procurement at SNCF

An Impressionist’s Approach to Transformation

global leadership and sustainability perspective, this case uses SNCF, a state-owned railway and public service company based in France, to set the stage for an analysis of change management in a large company. It also allows for an exploration of sustainable development within the context of a large company.

Written from the field, it depicts the firm’s overall strategy to adopt sustainable practices and provides an opportunity to introduce basic leadership, strategy, sustainability, and operational terms that can be explored in subsequent classes. The case opens with a summary of urgent issues that include an influential employee who resists new policies, a public scandal around a supplier that employed undocumented workers, and pressure to present the accounting department with financial metrics to evaluate the sustainable procurement efforts.

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