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A Case Study on The Boeing Company Derivative Class Action

In 2006, plaintiffs in a derivative class action against the directors of The Boeing Company (“Boeing”), led by their counsel Labaton Sucharow, achieved a landmark settlement establishing unique and far-reaching corporate governance standards relating to ethics compliance, provisions that will also obligate Boeing to contribute significant funds over and above base compliance spending to implement the various prescribed initiatives.

In particular, Boeing’s Board of Directors will expressly undertake, through amendment of Boeing’s Corporate Governance Principles, reasonable oversight and monitoring responsibility for the implementation of Boeing’s ethics and compliance program and the effectiveness of those processes on an annual basis. The Audit Committee Charter also will be amended, including to provide for the Audit Committee to undertake responsibility for reporting no less than annually to the Board with respect to the implementation and effectiveness of Boeing’s ethics and compliance program. Click here to read more…

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Case Study for Revolution Events

Objective: To position the Beacon Scheme as unique amongst local government accolades and to raise the profile of the Beacon Awards with UK local authorities, ministers and the wider community.

Our Brief: The brief was to organise from concept to implementation the Beacon Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner as a high-profile, “Oscar-style” event. Additionally Revolution was to raise delegate and sponsorship revenues to help towards the funding of the event. The contract for this project was awarded through a bidding process that saw Revolution as the event partner of choice, due to our proven local government expertise.

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Case Study of Eyre Peninsula NRM Board

Prior to commencing the project in 2008, the Eyre Peninsula had been experiencing a run of seasons with well below average rainfall. The low rainfall resulted in failed crops and limited paddock feed, which in turn lead to farmer equity being at its lowest point in several years.

Despite the huge potential to increase livestock profitability through improved grazing management, landholders could not afford and/or had limited funds to redirect into on-ground works. There was very limited scope for implementation of new technology and management options. Many of the district’s 1500 landholders were in survival mode, and paddocks with lighter soil types were more vulnerable to erosion. Some were already bare, damaged, and in poor condition to recover in better seasons. View more..

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWb0nhXf3BQ&w=420&h=315]

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Case Study for Core Services Group Ltd

Core Services Group has implemented Configurator many times. Usually the module is used for fairly complicated custom products and the implementations can be long and costly. However we have been able to apply the module to many situations including kitting and simple custom production at a very low cost. It seems hard to believe but in one example we were able to do a complete implementation in 10 days. Read more..

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Case Study for Bass Strait Oil Co Ltd

This paper presents the methodology for developing and applying a risk based inspection (RBI) strategy for 14 steel jacket structures located in Bass Strait, Australia. The platforms range in age from 10 to 30 years and are situated in water depths between 46 and 96 metres.

The RBI methodology was developed to improve the prediction of the structures’ condition and provide a consistent basis for continued improvement in the future. This methodology produces targeted inspection work-scopes for each platform that, coupled with the implementation of appropriate inspection techniques, ensure that the integrity of the platforms can be managed with greater confidence and at lower cost. Read more..

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqsmjnu7ztY&w=480&h=360]

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Case Study on WestJet

As a company that relies heavily on Voice, Data and Internet, WestJet required a robust and highly redundant network. Innovation was also critical in solution design and implementation. Allstream delivered on all fronts. In terms of Data Networking, Allstream customized WestJet’s Frame Relay network to include diverse accesses and a high degree of scalability. The team also made the network MPLS-ready to ensure that WestJet could seamlessly integrate IP capabilities into its current processes.

For Internet connectivity, Allstream provided two diverse OC3 feeds, one at the WestJet hangar and one at the head office location. Because of a steady growth in online bookings, Allstream designed a bulletproof Internet architecture, integrating load balancing, scalability and bandwidth on demand. This way, WestJet could avoid any capacity restrictions and eliminate delays in accessing its site. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Heavenly Group Ltd

Heavenly is Britains first full-service branding agency, Welcome to the world of Heavenly. For the past 4 years weve been using our unique style of branding to tackle business problems for grown up brands and start ups all over the world. Our big point of difference is that we develop strong ideas, take them through to creative identity and then onto marketing implementation. The proof is hopefully in the pudding as our clients are better known than we are, which is how we believe it should be. Were a young company too, which means we work harder. Our approach is faster, more cost-effective and more consistent in terms of delivery than having several agencies involved. Read more..

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Case Studies on World Development Book

In 2010 the Global Sustainable City Award was given to Curitiba. The award was introduced to recognise those cities that excel in sustainable urban development. It is much easier for cities in the developed world to invest in the planning and implementation of measures needed for sustainable urban development and it is a surprise to many people that the award went to a city in Brazil where, in spite of rapid industrial growth in recent years, income levels are still relatively low. A quick look at the reasons for this reveals Curitiba as a surprising place with an interesting history and culture. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Tempur-Pedic gets the conversation going

With the deserved attention Old Spice received from the twitterati for their well-coordinated campaign, you’d think the new press would be more psyched about Tempur-Pedic’s use of social media. Maybe they needed a shirtless actor with six-pack abs (sorry, I’m not available). If you’re not familiar, Tempur-Pedic has done a nice job incorporating social principles into their broadcast media (see TV Spots) and then create infrastructure on their owned media including their .com site and social platforms (Facebook and Twitter).

Look, if you don’t see the “sexy” in this, you must not be a digital marketer. This is plenty sexy. There’s nothing sexier than practical implementation of today’s social tools. For a considered purchase such as a bed, the word of the crowd is very valuable. Notice how they not only enable client stories, but they encourage and facilitate prospects to reach out to others to get their thoughts. And in most of those threads, both happy clients and Tempur-Pedic participate in the conversation. Click here to read more…

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