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Case Study on Cano Petroleum Inc

Kaseya has empowered IT operations to run more smoothly. Tasks that took hours or days before now just take moments. That results in fewer interruptions to the business; allowing thecompany to focus on business objectives rather that a “tech”taking up their workday installing patches and upgrades.
– Jon Morgan, Manager of Information Technology, Cano Petroleum.

As a publicly traded oil and gas company, Cano Petroleum, Inc. must comply with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, reliably accounting for all revenue streams and corporate expenditures in an effort to ensure transparency throughout the accounting process. The company uses innovative technology to extract additional oil and gas from mature fields throughout Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma, necessitating the need to centralize compliance efforts through its headquarters in Ft.Worth.

For the IT department, ensuring SOX compliance means being able to account for all IT assets, making sure systems are maintained regularly and consistently, protected from malicious security threats like spyware and viruses, backed up properly and can be recovered easily in case of data loss. Cano also has to ensure that help desk issues are dealt with accordingly, corporate resources are not being used for personal use (within reason) and the company is in compliance with the software licensing agreements it has in place with vendors. Read more on Cano Petroleum Inc

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A Case Study on City Index Group

City Index Group is one of the leading global providers of retail trading services, transacting in excess of 1.5 million trades per month for the group’s customers around the world. CityIndex trading platforms give access to thousands of global financial markets via contracts for differences (CFDs), margined foreign exchange (FX) and spread betting. CityIndex’s business is built around its innovative technology, software and web applications.

Key Challenge: With half of their software delivery efforts spent on “pushing” deployments across development,QA, and pre-production environments, CityIndex IT service delivery team needed a way to accelerate deployments across environments without any additional staffing, resources, or overhead. Click here to read more…

A Case Study on Oculentis

As a market leader Oculentis develops, manufactures and sells innovative technology products in the field of intraocular surgery. To complement its technological leadership of the market Oculentis are continuously looking for innovative ways to streamline business processes and, more importantly, improve the premium level of customer service that it already provides to its international stakeholders. This case study highlights how Oculentis deployed TaskCentre for SalesLogix to automate repetitive employee administrative tasks within its customer support department to further enhance productivity, visibility of information and customer service levels. Keep reading

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Case Study for Innovative Technology

The Copper Basin Mining District

Abstract: The Copper Basin Mining District is the former site of extensive copper and sulfur mining operations dating back for more than 150 years. In 1998, Glenn Springs Holdings, Inc. (GSHI) began installing a two-acre demonstration passive wetland system in conjunction with limestone dissolution and bacteria sulfate treatment. The anaerobic cell was completed in 1998, with two additional aerobic cells completed in 2003…

Background: An area rich in mining history, the Copper Basin ining District is located in Polk County in southeastern Tennessee and in Fannin County in northern Georgia near the North Carolina border. Mining of copper and sulfur began at the Copper Basin site soon after copper was discovered in 1843 in Ducktown, Tennessee. The only deep shaft mines east of the Mississippi River, mining and processing of copper occurred at the site until 1987, with sulfuric acid production continuing until 2000…
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Case Study: Alston & Bird LLP

Case Study about Alston & Bird LLP

Award-winning law firm Alston & Bird has earned a notoriety as an inventive, innovation determined, forward-speculation conglomeration. The firm utilizes more than 750 law advocates furnishing a full run of administrations to domesticated and global customers onto every part of the planet. Alston & Fledgling’s practice territories incorporate corporate and account, educated property, suit, and charge. Alston & Feathered creature works on some center qualities: collegiality, teamwork, firm faithfulness, assorted qualities, single fulfillment, decency, and expert improvement.

Duty to the entire representative is inserted in the filament of the firm, which has furnished go down youngster consideration through a consortium for its workers since the early 1990s. Yet, Alston & Winged animal actively sought after systems for amplifying work/life profits for its whole worker populace, not just to remain a business of decision, yet to advance their work/life project and press on to showcase their center qualities. Another assessment credit issued by the state of Georgia in 1999 gave the chance Alston & Flying creature was looking for. The state expanded the duty credit for managements who support youngster administer to their representatives. Alston & Flying creature at one time investigated the probability of furnishing tyke mind; notwithstanding, the duty credit made the choice all the more monetarily attainable . Click here to Read more..