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A Case Study on Enterprise Risk Management: Allstate Inc.

In 2000, The Allstate Corporation started on an exciting and uncharted new course: to become an early insurance industry adopter of enterprise risk management (ERM). It has been a complex journey that has helped provide a deeper insight into the company’s underlying risk profile, enhanced the way Allstate manages risk in several significant ways and helped generate actions to better exploit risk opportunities.

The company’s initial effort began some years earlier at the direction of then-CFO, Tom Wilson, who established new capital allocation and valuation models for use in the finance function. Later, as Wilson moved into an operating role, John Carl joined Allstate as CFO and asked his staff what the company’s risk-adjusted returns were. A series of conversations resulted in a decision to explore developing a more quantitatively rigorous approach to measuring risk, similar to what was practiced in the oil and gas industry. Click here to read more…

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Case Study of Leading Indicator Systems

Situation: While many organizations claim that their employees, customers and suppliers are their greatest assets, few take full advantage of the insights and perceptions of these key players. Understanding what’s on their minds, their level of commitment to the organization, or what they’d like to see changed, is a critical step towards building a highly engaged employee, supplier, and customer ecosystem. Leading Indicator Systems (LIS) has improved the process and technology available to help companies tap into the collective intelligence of their “human” assets, maximize the value of their insight and take action…

Solution: One of the most powerful tools for conducting individual evaluations is called a multi-rater assessment, also known as 360 degree feedback. Multi-rater assessments involve gathering feedback from managers, colleagues, direct reports – even customers – to build a comprehensive view of the capabilities, skills, and performance of an individual employee (who completes a self-assessment as part of the process)…
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Case Study for Ticketmaster

Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc. is the world’s leading live entertainment ticketing company, with ticket sales of nearly $9 billion per year in 20 markets around the globe. With more than 10,000 clients including arenas, stadiums, professional and college sports teams and leagues, museums, theatres and other venues, Ticketmaster has unique insight into the challenges and opportunities that face these event operators every day. Operators need to control seat inventory, manage customer relationships, process payments and manage ticket distribution and fraud in order to maximize revenue and retain their most valuable customers.

To meet the needs of its clients, Ticketmaster sought to develop an in-house ticketing platform that provides granular control over seat inventory, superior customer relationship management and complete ownership of customer data for reporting and marketing. But just as important, Ticketmaster needed this solution to handle transactions quickly, easily and securely.

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Case Study for Castle Minerals Ltd

At its Padeswood Works, Hanson Cement formerly Castle Cement manufactures six different grades of cement, with a total production rate of around 500,000 tpa; five of the grades have the same composition and differ only in terms of fineness. Off-line laser diffraction particle size analysis convinced Castle Cement of the relative benefits of the technique compared with Blaine measurement, but analytical frequency became a limiting factor in terms of gaining greater insight into plant performance. An on-line Insitec system was installed to continuously monitor the particle size of product leaving the finish milling circuit. Learn more..

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Case Study on Acucap Properties Ltd

Jerry Yudelson, a global green building thought leader, and a man who has been hailed as the ‘Godfather of Green’, will be sharing his knowledge and insight on sustainability at the 5th Annual Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) Convention and Exhibition, taking place at the CTICC in October. Read more..

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Case Study on Capital & Coast District Health Board

Capital & Coast District Health Board (C&C DHB) wanted more affordable and detailed business intelligence (BI). To achieve this goal, C&C DHB replaced its previous BI solution with a new one based on the Microsoft SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse and the HP Business Decision Appliance. In just 12 months, C&C DHB transformed its BI capabilities, cut software costs by about 50 percent, and improved insight, efficiency, and agility. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Clear (UK company)

The Clear Company comprises a team of recruitment, psychology, talent management and diversity experts, bringing a wealth of insight, passion and real-world business experience to the recruitment and talent management agenda. Our business model is to inspire, educate and empower. We firmly believe that recruitment should be a challenging mix of strategy, policy, process, practice and behaviour which is intrinsically linked to organisational goals and talent management — but that it shouldn’t be overcomplicated. Read more..

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Case Study on GlobeScan

GlobeScan consulted with Amnesty’s stakeholders globally on several positioning concepts to provide recommendations on the strongest direction for the global brand identity. We designed and implemented a consultation program involving focus groups in countries across the global north and south. We used creative stimulus material and a host of qualitative techniques to extract insight and to vet various brand concepts. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on CIBC Bank

Insight analysis shows that CIBC was better off looking to external resources than adding unnecessary process and function to their internal infractructure. One of North America’s leading financial institutions, CIBC serves more than nine million customers through its electronic banking network established across the world. To sustain further growth and development on this global scale, CIBC expanded from three strategic business units to seven. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Netcordia

Netcordia is a rising star in the world of network change and configuration management. Hundreds of customers including the US Army, Citizen’s Bank, Texas A&M University, and the NSA use their successful NetMRI solution. Like most network management products, NetMRI initially relied on SNMP and configuration data to provide monitoring and diagnostic capabilities.

But Netcordia’s well-known founder Terry Slattery had the insight that event logs are underutilized in network management and troubleshooting. So Netcordia, renowned innovators with a history of ingenuity, saw a new way to manage the network by merging performance, configuration and event data into a single, complete view of the network. Netcordia used Splunk to do it, called it the NetMRI Event Analysis, and introduced a new product in 120 days, with overwhelming customer approval. Here’s their story. Click here to read more…

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