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A Case Study on Enterprise Risk Management: Allstate Inc.

In 2000, The Allstate Corporation started on an exciting and uncharted new course: to become an early insurance industry adopter of enterprise risk management (ERM). It has been a complex journey that has helped provide a deeper insight into the company’s underlying risk profile, enhanced the way Allstate manages risk in several significant ways and helped generate actions to better exploit risk opportunities.

The company’s initial effort began some years earlier at the direction of then-CFO, Tom Wilson, who established new capital allocation and valuation models for use in the finance function. Later, as Wilson moved into an operating role, John Carl joined Allstate as CFO and asked his staff what the company’s risk-adjusted returns were. A series of conversations resulted in a decision to explore developing a more quantitatively rigorous approach to measuring risk, similar to what was practiced in the oil and gas industry. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Professional Practice Capital

Professional Practice Capital wanted to change its name to PPC LOAN after many years of being known as “PPC” to its customers. As one of the country’s few commercial loan originators focused on Allstate insurance agents, veterinarians and dentists, the company had a unique story to share. PPC LOAN also had a major announcement to make regarding its launch of the insurance industry’s first Allstate Agency Value Index. The index was created as a value-added service for Allstate agents to gauge what other agencies are selling for. As if a rebrand and new product launch weren’t enough to conquer, the economy moved into a full-blown recession, leaving PPC LOAN’s potential audience wary of bank financing organizations. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Progressive Corp.

Progressive has proven to be one of the most innovative players in the US auto insurance industry, but can it maintain its lead? Progressive has moved up to the number three position in the industry in 2006, but competitors are finally waking up to the threat the company poses. Click here to read more…

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Assurant Case Study

Ward’s, an operational consulting firm and provider of benchmarking and best practices services to the insurance industry, lists Assurant as one of the top performing companies in the property and casualty insurance sector. Assurant Health is named one the 2012 Top Workplaces in Southeastern Wisconsin by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Assurant Solutions’ office in Mexico is named one of “The Best Companies to Work in Mexico in 2012” by the Great Place to Work® Institute in Mexico. Click here to read more…

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Case Study Technology a Means for Improving Customer Service

The case discusses the changing business environment and growing competition in the insurance industry in India. It also examines various technological developments and their impact on the insurance market. The case also touches on the application of web-based solutions and their impact on the process of insurance operations. Finally, the case examines the problems that are likely to arise when an insurance company goes online. Click here to read more…

Improving Customer Service

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Case Study for Taiwan Insurance Industry

Case Study about Taiwan Insurance Industry

Abstract: This study aims to probe into the analysis of online word-of-mouth in the insurance industry of Taiwan. By treating the top four insurance companies as key words, the researcher extracts users’ learning from blogs and online forums between January 1, 2010 and July 5, 2011. After eliminating improper samples, there are 914 valid articles. The research findings demonstrate that, the characteristics of online word-of-mouth in the insurance industry can be divided into a highly competitive brand zone and an independent brand zone.

Introduction: With the rapid growth of the national economy, service industries become critical in Taiwan, and the insurance industry blooms with the gradual increase of national incomes and the public’s recognition of personal physical and mental health. However, with the expansion of the insurance industry, in order to satisfy different customers, different types of insurance products become sophisticated and complicated, as diverse products allow the public to have multiple selections. Keep reading…

Case Study on Customer Service Strategies for the Insurance Industry

The mature insurance industry comprised of accident and health insurance, property and casualty insurance, and life insurance and annuities is faced with slow growth and consolidation. Price competition is accelerating as customers turn to Internet data aggregators to shop for the best deal on many types of insurance.

In addition, while the insurance business and the needs of policy holders and distributors are rapidly changing, many insurance companies can’t keep up because they are unable to differentiate their business, reach customers likely to respond to new sales opportunities or make the most of their valued staff. Insurers that define and implement solutions to these challenges are those that will successfully compete and thrive into the future. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Amlin Embeds Risk Management Processes

Case Study about Amlin Embeds Risk Management Processes

Communication and Visibility of Risk Across The Organization: Amlin required a technology solution for its enterprise risk management process that would further enable it to effi ciently and effectively embed risk across the organization. An additional consideration was compliance with Solvency II, the European regulatory capital regime for the insurance industry Risk Manager

Embedding Risk Management: Amlin chose Active Risk Manager from Active Risk as its enterprise risk management solution because it provided Amlin with top-down and cross organisational views of risks and opportunities. Using a single system supports the operational needs of the business, enabling risk managers to see the information that is relevant to them.

Click here to read more on Amlin Embeds Risk Management Processes

Case Study of BMS Group

KnowledgeCenter the market leading business process solutions provider to the Insurance and Re-Insurance industry has announced that Ballantyne McKean & Sullivan have bought their Knowledge Management product Kcenter. Kcenter is an integrated document management and workflow system designed to deliver powerful, scalable applications over an Internet infrastructure. Based on proven Microsoft technology, including SQL Server and Visual Basic, Kcenter is a relatively low cost solution that enables both Brokers and Underwriters to streamline their document management and business process (workflow) needs. Read more on BMS Group

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Economical Insurance Group Case Study

Challenge: TEIG has a long established philosophy to offer learning programs that provide its employees with fundamental knowledge of the insurance industry and comprehensive knowledge of the company’s business. It needed an equitable solution for employees nationwide to have instant, anytime, anywhere access to a variety of learning modules to meet current business needs. Economical Insurance Group

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