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A Case Study on Global Leadership Operational Plan: Boeing Company

Boeing has experienced operational problems due to lack of understanding of personnel issues and unethical conduct. As an international management consultant called in to advise the Boeing Company about issues affecting its ability to optimize operations in today’s economy, this author offers a prospectus on these unique issues facing Boeing; how these issues may affect optimizing key operational elements and changes needed to enhance operations management in the future.

The Boeing Company is a well established American icon of the aeronautical industry, having started business in 1916, not long after the Wright Brothers flew the first plane in 1903 (Boeing History, First Flight). Since those early beginnings, Boeing has expanded across the United States and the world, holding major contracts with many governments and as a primary builder of the International Space Station (Integrated Defense Systems). Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Jacobs Technologies Engineering and Science Contract Group

Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. is one of the world’s largest and most diverse providers of professional technical services. Jacobs Technologies Engineering and Science Contract Group (ESCG) located at NASA Johnson Space Center is a subset of Jacobs Engineering Group that focuses on its Aerospace and Defense market. Jacobs Technologies ESCG provides engineering and scientific support to the Engineering Directorate and the Astromaterials Research and Exploration Sciences Office within the Space and Life Sciences Directorate.

Work involves engineering products and services for the International Space Station and Shuttle Crew Exploration Vehicle spacecraft flight programs; design, development, certification, and production of hardware and software for NASA programs; operations & maintenance of on-site laboratories and facilities; curation of astromaterials and planetary materials research; research & development of new technology; and technology transfer and institutional support services. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Space mission design and operations

The Dutch National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR) needs 3D visualizations within an in-house real-time attitudecontrol simulator architecture. For ESA’s PromISSe mission on board the International Space Station (ISS), NLR also needed visibility coverage analysis to perform daily ground observations. Click here to read more…

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