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A Case Study on Management Development

Where are we now? A review of management development issues in the hospitality and tourism sector: Implications for talent management

The paper provides a literature review into factors influencing and components of management development. It encompasses literature that addresses management learning, management development and career progression as these are seen to impact on talent management. Secondary research into articles published under the broad heading of “management development in the hospitality industry” in management, hospitality and tourism journals from 2000-2007 was conducted. After this initial trawl the author themed these into categories to aid presentation and discussion of findings. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Wunderman

Wunderman is one of the largest marketing communications firms in the world, with over 4,000 employees based in New York City and 78 offices in 35 countries. In 2002, Wunderman partnered with Skillsoft to provide 25 business skills courses for 500 users with Skillport as their learning management platform. Wunderman continued to expand the scope of the program to 50 courses for 1,500 users in 2003. Click here to read more…

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