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A Case Study on American Crane & Equipment Corporation

American Crane & Equipment Corporation (ACECO) designs and manufactures electric overhead traveling cranes. Managing and tracking custom projects for accurate job costing is key—but ACECO’s legacy system involved labor-intensive, manual manipulation of data. ACECO saw that real-time job cost data was vital to operational performance. It found a solution with integrated functionality for all process operations. Click here to Lean more…

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A Case Study on Fisher & Paykel Finance

Fisher & Paykel Finance’s consumer lending application Core Risk Assessment module had reached the end-of-life. The company needed to replace the legacy system to improve scalability, maintainability, ease of configuration and enhance the customer buying experience. Solution : Using the Agile project management methodology, Datacom worked closely with the Fisher & Paykel Finance Information Services team to deliver a robust and easily maintained replacement system that manages concurrent requests. Click here to read more…

“The enhanced risk assessment system has made a huge difference to our business. Customers’ applications are now accurately processed faster in-store, making it easier for them to buy things. Our business growth ambitions are supported by the concurrent processing and assessment of multiple customer applications. We worked collaboratively together with proactive communication, regular progress reviews and timely attention to resolve issues as they arose resulting in a quality, problem free implementation.”Colin Smith – CIO, Fisher & Paykel Finance

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Case Study on E.Surv

A new telephony and call centre solution has transformed the way e.surv Chartered Surveyors is able to work. The business implemented a robust solution from Inter-Tel that gave it call monitoring and reporting software, unified messaging and Voice over IP connecting locations, to replace its out-of-date legacy system. The company is now easily maintaining its service level agreements (SLAs), calls are handled promptly and efficiently and call costs have been reduced. Read more..

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Case Study on Klipsch Audio Technologies

Klipsch needed its business systems to keep pace with the company’s growth. In addition to growing organically, Klipsch made a series of strategic acquisitions that had left the company maintaining five instances of an obsolete ERP system in the US and one instance of a legacy system in Europe. These disjointed systems routinely required heroic efforts at month-end and often produced multiple versions of the truth.

Consolidated financials across the fragmented systems were being produced in spreadsheets with extensive manual effort; customer orders across product lines or geographic regions had to be entered into multiple systems and invoiced separately; and difficulty in compiling supply chain planning information limited responsiveness to changing customer demand, thereby slowing changes to overseas suppliers. Click here to read more…

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On-time Product Delivery and Customer Satisfaction

Fusion UV is the world s leading producer of ultraviolet curing equipment. Its outmoded legacy system couldn’t handle the company s complex manufacturing system, and was threatening Fusion s ability to meet its promised delivery dates. By implementing FastTrack, a mySAP All-in-One partner solution, it improved accuracy in pricing, shipping, and purchase order processing. Read more…

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Case Study on UK Financial Services Company

Introduction: Therefore, one of the firm’s key performance indicators is the way that it manages the huge volumes of data that it presents to its institutional investors. With this focus on customer service in mind, the IT department identified its operational database as an area where significant, measurable value could be added to the business. The legacy system was highly reliable and robust, but its inflexibility made it difficult to tackle compliance issues – which also led to a growing administrative burden. “As our business grows, so does the amount of data processing..
Click here to read more on UK Financial Services Company

A Case Study on Kansas Department of Corrections

Like many organizations, KDOC must modernize its core information systems. The department’s systems, while functionally rich, are 30 years old and increasingly difficult to modify and maintain. Because a legacy system’s modernization initiative represents such a major investment, the state’s legislative Joint Committee on IT (JCIT) charged KDOC with first developing a comprehensive enterprise architecture (EA) to ensure that future investments consider the agency’s entire business and IT environment. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on RVOS Farm Mutual Insurance Company

BCD had a sample program that was about three quarters of a page long, so I keyed it in and after receiving a little help setting a couple parameters it worked! With WebSmart, it’s all handled within a single function. It even manages the communications between the two systems.
Weems Hutto, a consultant to RVOS.

RVOS Farm Mutual Insurance Company of Texas is an insurance company that operates as a not-for-profit Farm Mutual insurance provider. Its focus is to supply insurance products to homeowners, farmers and ranchers in Texas. Since RVOS is owned by policyholders, any profit gleaned from business operations is retained to pay claims and offset future premium increases. With almost 68,000 members, RVOS has over $9 billion of insurance in force and is rated A- Excellent by A.M. Best.

As part of an iSeries-based insurance management system overhaul, RVOS wanted policyholder information to be available to hundreds of regional agents and underwriters over the Web, as it had been for more than a decade on PC desktops running terminal emulation. RVOS had already made a significant investment in a widely used Web-based insurance quoting and submission package, and now needed to integrate aspects of the new Web-based system that exploits a Web services-based transaction service, with the legacy system. Continue reading on RVOS

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A Case Study on Real Talent Engineering (RTE)

Challenges Faced: Real Talent Engineering (RTE), an ancillary unit of Brakes India, was using a separate legacy system for administering their business processes. However, this legacy software was able to meet only their financial management requirements. As the system was not integrated with store and other production operations, it resulted in delayed decision-making, due to the unavailability of information at the hour of need. Click here to read more…

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