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A Case Study on Management Development

Where are we now? A review of management development issues in the hospitality and tourism sector: Implications for talent management

The paper provides a literature review into factors influencing and components of management development. It encompasses literature that addresses management learning, management development and career progression as these are seen to impact on talent management. Secondary research into articles published under the broad heading of “management development in the hospitality industry” in management, hospitality and tourism journals from 2000-2007 was conducted. After this initial trawl the author themed these into categories to aid presentation and discussion of findings. Click here to read more…

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A Study: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

Study about Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

The study comprised a number of stages and interim reports leading to this Final Report. Further details, background information, discussion of issues and case studies are contained in the Stage 1 and Stage 2 Reports which can be read as separate documents or in conjunction with this Final Report. For a full analysis of credit transfer from VTE to higher education, reference to all three reports is encouraged. The Final Report draws together findings from the study and makes recommendations to improve credit transfer. It is based on a synthesis of all aspects of the study, including the literature review, case studies and overview of national and international developments, and also draws on the experience and prior research of the project team.

The focus of the study is the arrangements that allow and encourage the transfer of students from vocational and technical education (VTE) studies to higher education studies with credit granted for those prior VTE studies. Government and institutional interest in and support for credit transfer between VTE and higher education are currently on the increase, providing an important and dynamic context for this study. It is also the case that this commitment is variable across and within states as well as across and within institutions.

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Method Time Driven Activity Based Costing: A Case Study

Abstract: This article presents a literature review of the method Time Driven Activity Based Costing, like an instrument to better assignment of costs to activities and their comparison with antecedent method Activity Based Costing. Paper shows the implementation of this method in the condition of manufacturing corporations, distribution centres, agriculture, but also in the field of services, especially in the hospitality.

Introduction: In contemporary high global competitive environment the knowledge of company’s costs is a major driver of competitive advantage. Emphasis is putting to company’s financial performance, quality of process ordering and innovation potential. Without detail understanding of true costs of services, manufacturing, delivery of products, the organizations will hardly survive in this competitive environment. The organizations must trying to grasp, which customers are profitable and which are not and obtained valuable information that will be used to create successful managerial decisions and reach operational improvements..
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A Case Study on Renewable Energy Financing

Lessons to be Learned from Successful Initiatives : In the program plan for 2005, it was envisaged that CEC would prepare a document describing best practices in financing small-scale renewable energy projects. The CEC conducted a literature review of existing documents on the topic that was presented to the REEC at the first annual meeting on November 21 in Washington, DC. It was then decided that the existing information was not sufficient to provide stakeholders with how to best finance these small projects in North America. It was also realized that best practices would vary from site to site, from technology to technology, and the stage of development at which the investment is sought.

This present report, therefore, pulls together information on policies and programs, and will describe some case studies that can provide guidance for Canada, Mexico and the United States. Based on the report, the CEC will create a clearinghouse web site where information on renewable energy policies can be found. At the first stage, this report will focus on both smallscale and utility-scale renewable energy programs. It will concentrate on those financial initiatives that bring technologies on the ground, i.e., that support market entry of commercial technologies. Click here to read more…

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Globalisation, organisational culture and workplace safety : is there a connection?

This study is an effort to find a connection between the high number of people on sick leave, the occupational health situation at the workplace, and stronger market competition and globalization forces. The basis for the study is statistics, mainly on injuries and diseases, interviews with people in different positions with either long experience within the safety and health situation or otherwise having insight into organizations? internal situation, and a literature review…click here for details

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