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Case Study for Relacom

Today we generate our KPIs on a daily basis. Prior to deploying Analysis Services, back when we created them by cutting and pasting, we only updated our KPIs on a monthly basis.
– Ake Soderberg, Operational Project Manager, Relacom.

With more than 15,000 employees operating in 17 countries, Relacom provides managed services for wired and wireless networks. To accommodate its growth, the company needed a more robust and flexible business intelligence (BI) data warehouse, which had been hosted using Oracle and the UNIX operating system. The company migrated its BI data warehouse to Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition (64-bit) database software running on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition for 64-Bit Systems…

Situation: Relacom, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, provides a range of data and telecommunication network services—from construction services, to equipment installation, to network maintenance—serving customers through its operations in 17 countries around the world. The 15,000 employees of Relacom provide managed services to customers ranging from private sector and government network owners to businesses and consumers. Servicing both wired and wireless networks, Relacom provides preventative and corrective maintenance services…
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Case Study for Downer EDI Ltd

A division of Downer EDI Limited, Downer EDI Rail is the leading provider of passenger and freight railcars in Australia, offering design, manufacture, refurbishment, overhaul, maintenance services, and product support to the freight and passenger rail industries. With a growing presence in Australia and Southeast Asia, the division’s IT department is responsible for managing technology infrastructure for 1,900 employees across 35 sites. Read more..

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Case Study on Building Employees Morale

Building Employees Morale

Vco Engineering Service is a private limited company, offering industrial machine equipments to large and medium corporations. Mr. Eugene worked very hard and treated his staff very well. He and his staff have learned all aspect of the business from ground up. Because of that the business started to expand and became well established.

As the business was growing rapidly , Mr. Eugene decided to set up maintenance services to all his clients. Not to burden himself , he hired Mr. John to develop and direct the new maintenance service activities . Mr. John was formally working in the finance company with business development experience. He was young and energetic and was able to attract new customers. He worked long hours, giving his personal attention to even the smallest detail.
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Case Study on Maison Energy

About two million people live without access to electricity in Morocco, mostly in remote rural areas where scattered and unevenly distributed homes make their connection to the national power grid difficult. As a solution, the National Office of Electricity (ONE) opted for a decentralized system of electrification using renewable energies, and initiated several programs, one of them being Maison Energie (ME). The program was launched in 1997 with the objectives of providing renewable energy access to remote areas, lowering the use of wood and hence protecting the environment, and creating employment and income generating opportunities in rural areas. A ME (Energy house) is a micro-enterprise that commercializes various forms of solar energy including photovoltaic systems, solar water heaters and ovens in rural and peri-urban areas. Owners of the micro-enterprise are local young entrepreneurs, who also provide installation and maintenance services. Click here to read more…

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Innova Systems implements ERP at Havmor Ice Cream

Executive Summary: The factory of Havmor at Ahmedabad manufactures 100-odd flavors of ice cream in multiple packing options, thereby swelling raw material inventory, SKUs, and related documentation, recalls Rekha Chona, Director, Havmor Ice Cream.“Our procurements, storages, productions, delivery points, plant maintenance, customer deep-freeze maintenance & services are scattered geographically,”she says. The legacy system catered the need of the individual department but the drawbacks were data redundancy, lack of integration of the system and wastage of time in sourcing and collating data. ERP was the need of the hour. Click here to read more…

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Case Study of Nixon Communications

Background: Nixon Communications provides innovative and effective end-to-end communication solutions for remote and non-remote environments. Nixon Communications integrate the latest technology and infrastructure, and support their turn-key solutions with immediate and reliable maintenance services. Nixon Communications has a diverse range of customers and has the experience servicing large and diverse projects throughout Australia and internationally.

Objective: Nixon Communications required a partner they could depend on to provide their customers with flexible and reliable satellite services. Nixon Communications, like many other companies, have standardised and based their satellite offering around NewSat and their services. Nacap required satellite communications to aid the construction of a circa 950 kilometre pipeline for Epic Energy, from Wallumbilla in South East Queensland to Moomba in South Australia…
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Case Study about Engenco

Engenco provides a broad range of mechanical and electrical engineering, logistics, project management, manufacturing, and maintenance services to industries such as defense, maritime, power generation, rail, resources, and transportation. With 34 locations and more than 1,300 employees, Engenco has a strong national presence in Australia, with additional operations in New Zealand, the United States, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, and Sweden.

Engenco has approximately 350 information workers and 1,000 manufacturing and field employees, but the company is growing rapidly. Matthew Raisin is IT Manager for Engenco and has watched the firm grow from 400 to 1,300 employees and from AUD$68 million (U.S.$69 million) in 2007 to AUD$189 million in revenues in just three years. His staff manages PCs for 300 of the information workers; PCs for the remaining information workers are managed by local divisions around the world. Find out more..

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