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A Case Study on Best Practices in Health Leadership Talent Management and Succession Planning

Strong leadership is likely the single most important driver of overall organizational performance, and well-constructed talent management and succession planning systems remain critical to developing and retaining a deep bench of strong leaders. Nowhere is the need for effective talent management and succession planning more pronounced than in the dynamic, complex healthcare industry, where leaders face unprecedented pressure to transform their organizations so as to meet growing demands for high quality, cost-effective care. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Approach to Talent Management: Allstate Inc.

These responsibilities included examining the business strategies to define and develop the capabilities required for key roles at various levels. To accomplish this, we identified a set of competencies or success factors that link many of our talent systems together. As a result we adjusted the way Allstate assesses people for hiring, promotion, and development. It included aligning development products and processes to reinforce and build the capabilities defined by our strategies. We linked together processes and practices beyond learning that effect performance, such as performance management, succession planning, talent reviews, development, and so forth. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study for MIS: Information System in Restaurant

A Case Study for MIS: Information System in Restaurant:
A waiter takes an order at a table, and then enters it online via one of the six terminals located in the restaurant dining room. The order is routed to a printer in the appropriate preparation area: the cold item printer if it is a salad, the hot-item printer if it is a hot sandwich or the bar printer if it is a drink. A customer’s meal check-listing (bill) the items ordered and the respective prices are automatically generated.

This ordering system eliminates the old three-carbon-copy guest check system as well as any problems caused by a waiter’s handwriting. When the kitchen runs out of a food item, the cooks send out an ‘out of stock’ message, which will be displayed on the dining room terminals when waiters try to order that item. This gives the waiters faster feedback, enabling them to give better service to the customers. Other system features aid management in the planning and control of their restaurant business..
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Case Study on Baloise Group: Services with security

Increasing service demands: “A world of security – more than just insurance“– that is the core leitmotif of the Baloise Group.Beyond the conventional insurance packages, theGroup also offers intelligent solutions for prevention and precaution. The trust of customers inthe reliability and transparency of the offered services is highly valued by the Baloise Corporate ITdivision.

Transparent data and processes: Once the processes for Asset, Change and Service Request Management, Planning & Calculation as well as License Management were defined and the project plans based on the detailed concept were set in place, the first phase of the project began with the implementation of key processes for service requests. The latter element is referred to at the Baloise Group as iShop. It provides the basis for the international rollout of -the standard client. Click here to read more…

Case Study on Financial Management

Financial management entails planning for the future of a person or a business enterprise to ensure a positive cash flow. It includes the administration and maintenance of financial assets. Besides, financial management covers the process of identifying and managing risks.

The primary concern of financial management is the assessment rather than the techniques of financial quantification. A financial manager looks at the available data to judge the performance of enterprises. Managerial finance is an interdisciplinary approach that borrows from both managerial accounting and corporate finance. Click here to read more…

Case Study for Global Marketing Management: Planning And Organization

After breaking up of Soviet Union, Poland emerged as a big market for the food items. The Nestle executives decided that it would take too long to build plants there and create brand awareness. Instead they acquired the 2nd largest chocolate maker of the country, Goplana and adjusted the end product by small changes every two months over a two-year period until it measured up to Nestlé’s standards. These efforts along with all-out marketing put the company very close to the market…Click here to read more…

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Joint Business Planning Case Studies

Business Challenge: A market leading global company in a fast moving category required a structured programme aimed at developing joint business plans with modern retailers in diverse emerging markets. This needed to inform category management, POP activation planning and be able to be rolled out to all retailers in non-modern channels. Click here to read more…

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HCL Supply Chain Management Case Study

HCL’s Retail practice delivers an end-to-end array of solutions and services that address strategic and operational challenges of retail companies. With our customer centric approach aptly complemented by rich set of retail solutions offerings, accelerators and partnerships, we have established our footprint across the entire retail value chain from vendor management, planning, supply chain efficiency, store operations, merchandising, and customer loyalty to conceptualizing, building and managing multichannel. Click here to read more…

HCL Supply Chain Management Case study

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