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How Dangers of Marketing Metrics Dependency

When it comes to marketing, the same can be said for your attitude toward analytics. As a CMO, cultivating a data-driven marketing team can drive more insightful marketing decision-making and thus, better results. But an over-emphasis on metrics can actually lead to the opposite.

But wait … is this even a problem for CMOs and their marketing teams? If you look at all the data out there, it seems like the biggest problem that exists with the current state of marketing analytics stems from a lack of marketing analytics implementation, not an over-dependency. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Facebook Sales Analytics Services

Market Equations helps a United Kingdom (UK) based E-Retailer institutionalize Sales and Marketing Analytics by building a correlation model linking Facebook “likes” and “fan” growth to Sales, helping them allocate their marketing spends effectively into channels that maximize returns and reduce costs involved in holding excess inventory and retain clients by eliminating the possibility of stock outs.

Social Networks like Facebook are fast emerging as an essential consumer engagement platform for organizations globally to assess brand value, build customer loyalty and drive sales. Organizations globally are increasingly leveraging this platform to positively engage with their target audience and measure the success of their product launches, marketing campaigns and brand loyalty. Click here to read more…

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