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How Benefits Shapes your Talent Management

Employees pay no premiums for medical, dental, or vision coverage. They also get tuition reimbursement (including time off to study full time), free housing, and about a third of their paycheck is tax free. No 401k match, but a fairly generous pension. And, best of all, there is steady promotion, and it takes an act of Congress to get fired! Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Online Matrimony Services in India

The caselet deals with the evolution of online matrimonial services in India. Most of the companies offering matrimonial services initially focused on the field of match-making but they later started extending their service offering to include services like wedding planning, horoscope matching, etc. Unlike the traditional matchmaking operations, which were restricted to certain areas, the online matrimonial services have a pan Indian presence. This has given the online companies a competitive advantage that traditional companies have not been able to match. The caselet also mentions how dailies are finding it useful to go online when it comes to matrimonial advertisements. Click here to read more…

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A Study for Taxation Considerations in Economic Damages Calculations

A Study about Taxation Considerations in Economic Damages Calculations

Abstract: Present value cash flow calculations for economic damages should be performed on an after-tax basis, regardless of whether the damages award will be subject to taxation. Pre-tax calculations can arrive at incorrect results, particularly where accounting income and cash flow do not match. If the damages award will be subject to taxation, then the analytically correct approach is to take the result of the after-tax damages calculation and simply “gross-up” for expected taxes, rather than perform the present value calculations on a pre-tax basis.

Background: In a typical commercial litigation matter, but for a contract breach or injury, the plaintiff would be able to earn certain cash flows, and would incur income taxes on the accounting income associated with those cash flows. As a result of the breach or injury, it will earn some other stream of cash flows, which will also include income tax effects. If liability is found, the plaintiff will also receive an economic damage award, which similarly is subject to income taxation. Keep reding…

Case Study on Comparing System Advisor Model (SAM) Results to Real Performance Data

Case Study about Comparing System Advisor Model (SAM) Results to Real Performance Data

Abstract: NREL has completed a series of detailed case studies comparing the simulations of the System Advisor Model (SAM) and measured performance data or published performance expectations. These case studies compare PV measured performance data with simulated performance data using appropriate weather data. The measured data sets were primarily taken from NREL onsite PV systems and weather monitoring stations.

The results of this case study activity show a good match(delta of less than 6% for any month) between measured and simulated data after adjustments as described in the paper. These adjustments include removing bad or missingdata periodsfrom the measured data, removing periods with significant snow cover which is difficult to model and, in some cases, adjusting the default annual derate values.

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A Case Study on Alba plc

Business Challenge: Alba’s business strategy for success is straightforward – organic development supplemented by targeted strategic acquisition. Over the years, this strategy has allowed Alba to achieve sustained growth in its chosen markets and to expand its operations in the UK, throughout mainland Europe and in the Far East.

The Solution: Alba canvassed a number of companies and examined their products before coming to a decision. Also, its accountants attended numerous seminars and exhibitions to find their ideal match. They were especially keen to find a system that would manage financial-based reporting and handle intercompany transactions…
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A Case Study on National Insurance Company Limited

National Insurance Company Limited (NIC) established over 30 years ago, is a Public Sector insurance company having its Corporate Office in Chennai. NIC had carried out its operations in a mixed mode – few of the operating offices were fully computerized, some were partially computerized and the rest were operating manually.

The rapid growth of the business has put tremendous pressure on the existing system. At that juncture NIC started to look for an appropriate solution to match the growing pace of the transactions. To master these needs NIC chose CMC. Using the state-of-the-art product of CMC – GENISYS, National Insurance Company, a leading public sector player in the field of non-life insurance is meeting the challenges faced by today’s general insurance sector.Click here to read more…

Case Study on Fanorakel

Application: Netjay was hired by Fanorakel to build the fanorakel.de website. The goal of the website is to collect opinions from German soccer fans. Questions are asked in real time during the games, as well as outside the regular match schedule. Fanorakel continually uses this data to create an aggregated fan opinion. The site currently has a 10,000 registered users and served a maximum peak of 3.5 million+ pages during the FIFA soccer world championship per day, and this trai c is expected to grow signifi cantly.

Challenge: Netjay faced a very tight development deadline of six months, combined with the complex requirements of the site. “We wanted to stay in Java,” Armbruster explains. “We come from the Java world. We trust in all the technologies that have been around for many years in Java. And yet traditional Java development would have taken too long to complete the site on time.” Keep reading

Case Study on Swedish National Labour Market Board

Abstract: In 1995 the Swedish National Labour Market Board launched “The Vacancy Bank” where all vacancies reported to the Employment offices in Sweden were published on the web. The vacancies were supplemented by a range of interactive services to support the unemployed and those seeking a change of employment, in their search for new opportunities. In addition to the advertising of vacancies jobseekers were able to upload their CV’s so that potential employers could match skills and competences to their vacancies. The service also included the setting up of a range of specialist databases covering such specialist areas as education, art and photography and the performing arts. Click here to read more on..

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Case Study on 1time Holdings Ltd

RWA provided 1time with a hosted Sell-It Reservator and Sell-It Online system with a real time link to the 1time flight system. 1time staff loaded hotel, car rental and other ground product inventory into Sell-It’s Inventory Manager and created package rules specifying how this inventory would be combined with 1time’s flights to create fixed and dynamic holiday offers.

RWA and 1time worked together to create a 1time Holidays bookable web site based on the Sell-It Online product. 1time Holidays product managers, telesales, finance and web staff was given formal training in the system. Sell-It’s workflow manager was configured to support 1time’s operational requirements and customer and supplier e-mails and reports were branded and customised to match the new 1time Holidays branding. Click here to read more…

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Case Studies on BrandsMart USA

BrandsMart U.S.A. absolutely insists that its customers are taken care of from the minute they walk in the door until their new appliances are successfully installed, usually by a Ryder person. Driver training is paramount to achieving this objective.

According to Ryder Account Manager Andy Sirica, it is a shared appreciation for the need to ‘respond’ that makes the BrandsMart U.S.A.-Ryder relationship work so well. “While our relationship centers on structured delivery windows and timetables, we’re able to match BrandsMart’s ability to change on the fly to meet its customer needs,” says Sirica. “When events like Presidents’ Day Sales or the Super Bowl drive traffic into the store, we deliver the extra trucks needed so that BrandsMart can deliver the goods. Click here to read more…

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