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Case Study for Keybridge Accounting

A lot of my clients come to me bearing MANY questions about the logo design process. I have clients that don’t know what they want at all, and some that come to me with very clear ideas of what they want their identity to look like. Most are somewhere in between. But regardless of where you fit into this spectrum, we can help guide you through the process and make it easier for you to decide.

Keybridge Accounting is a new client that we have, and Lyz knows exactly what she wants. Clients like Lyz are really fun to work with, and from conception to completion she played a very large role in the project. I truly believe the evolution of her logo pushed me to think outside the box and find ways to combine her ideas with my design style. The overall result is a mesh between both of our personalities. Find out more about Keybridge Accounting

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Case Study AGCO

AGCO, one of the world’s largest distributors of agricultural equipment, needed to recreate to key components of an engine coupler. The two large gears had combined cast and machined surfaces. At the time AGCO contacted 3DScanCo no CAD model of the coupler parts existed. The two parts to the coupler actually nest together and when in use the gear teeth mesh with each other. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Strong Angel III

Situation: The unimaginable happens: a global virus outbreak quarantines major cities and overwhelms government agencies and relief organizations. Within hours, a wave of cyber-terror attacks cuts off power, phones, and Internet access. How would the world cope? In August 2006, more than 800 volunteers from a diverse group of organizations gathered in an abandoned fire department training facility in San Diego, California, to find out…

Solution: About nine months before Strong Angel III, Microsoft had informally released FeedSync, an extension to Real Simple Syndication (RSS) technologies that synchronizes heterogeneous data between two end points. While RSS allows users to subscribe to one-way data feeds, such as news stories or blogs, FeedSync allows for bidirectional subscription so that data sent by any application will appear on any other application in the communications mesh. View further about Strong Angel III