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How Dangers of Marketing Metrics Dependency

When it comes to marketing, the same can be said for your attitude toward analytics. As a CMO, cultivating a data-driven marketing team can drive more insightful marketing decision-making and thus, better results. But an over-emphasis on metrics can actually lead to the opposite.

But wait … is this even a problem for CMOs and their marketing teams? If you look at all the data out there, it seems like the biggest problem that exists with the current state of marketing analytics stems from a lack of marketing analytics implementation, not an over-dependency. Click here to read more…

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Case Study of Alliance One International

Alliance One International, Inc. is a leading independent leaf tobacco merchant serving the world’s cigarette manufacturers. The company’s IT team recently developed an innovative new manufacturing application (the specifics of which are confidential) that allows Alliance One agents around the world to gather and input proprietary information identifying key metrics for centralized, real-time analysis and more informed business decisions. Alliance One International, Inc. naturally turned to its Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider for corporate devices to support the initiative but IT ran into an application management roadblock supporting the Windows Mobile devices…

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Case Study for Transforming Finance and Accounting

Benchmarking studies performed by a third party indicated that the client’s F&A effectiveness and efficiency metrics were below industry standards. Moreover, regulatory initiatives exposed accounting compliance risks, and created financial pressure to standardize F&A policies and procedures in certain regions. Due to the financial and regulatory requirements, the client needed to transform its global F&A organization through system and process standardization. To assist in doing so, it implemented a standard ERP system in each geographic region, and outsourced the transaction-based activities of over 500 FTEs (full time equivalents) to a global business process outsourcing (BPO) provider.
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A Case Study: Facebook

He may be a Harvard dropout, but Mark Zuckerberg is now the main character in a Harvard Business School case. His company, Facebook, “had grown from just a few friends programming around a kitchen table to a full-fledged technology business with over 100 employees and 7.4 million users,” says Harvard’s summary of the case.

“Zuckerberg would have to develop an organizational strategy that could allow the company to keep up with its underlying growth metrics, while ensuring Facebook’s consumer experience was better than its alternatives.” The case is available for anyone interested in combing through the issues, either on paper or electronically, for $6.50 a copy. Read more…


Case Study on Customer Acquisition Strategy

Business Issue: A chemical distribution company’s sales team was focused on selling and managing business within existing customers and was not effectively acquiring new customers. In an effort to gain additional market penetration, a new role was created in sales to generate and pre-qualify leads for the Field and Inside sales teams.

Adroit’s Role: Assisting the client in creating a new customer acquisition strategy that would create new business opportunities, track activity and accountability, and provide measurable results.
Stages in the engagement:
# Define a new customer acquisition process including a new organizational role focused on prospecting
# Create job description, candidate profile, and roles and responsibilities across the sales organization
# Identify critical success factors and metrics for the new strategy…
Click here to read more on Customer Acquisition Strategy

Case of Study on Advancement Investment Metrics Study (AIMS)

CASE has undertaken a study of investments in advancement. The study is based on a survey that will be open for data submission every other year. The current survey is open for input and will close on Feb. 28, 2013. The survey asks a series of questions about funding totals and spending on selected advancement functions to measure return on investment..
Click here to read more on Advancement Investment Metrics Study

Case Study of Facility Management

Challenge: Getting a true handle on maintenance costs and finding cost-effective, quality services for multi-unit, geographically dispersed retail stores has always plagued the retail industry. Solutions are typically fragmented and limited in their ability to truly capture useful data. Retailer X had long struggled with finding a comprehensive and effective solution…

Solutions: “FacilitySource stood head & shoulders above other options as it gave us a complete program including a state-of-the art call center, strategic alliances with best of breed vendors across the country, vendor metrics and accountability and sophisticated retail specific software with real-time data that allows us to make informed decisions,”…”It really was a no-brainer.”
Further information for Facility Management

Case Study for Cardinal Capital Management

Focused Objectives and Investment Philosophy: Cardinal Capital Management’s client base ranges from high net-worth individuals and trusts to corporations, foundations, and endowments. The firm’s objective is “to construct portfolios that are high quality and well-diversified by industry sector with excellent long-term absolute and risk-adjusted returns.”

The building blocks of Cardinal Capital Management’s philosophy are: Create value, Minimize risk, Maintain client focus, Pursue a disciplined analytical approach, Monitor performance, and Promote a culture of teamwork and integrity. The firm follows a “valuation based approach,” selecting stocks that are selling at a low price compared to their observable metrics. The firm addresses portfolio construction with a long-term investment strategy in mind. Keep reading

Case Study on Customizing Project Management

Training Drives Process Adoption and Shows Positive Impacts on Quality and Productivity

Challenge: The client’s IT division had an existing project management training curriculum that was not consistent with their processes. Participant feedback indicated that the courses were not well received and did not help them meet their goal of standardizing project management processes and knowledge across the organization.

The client sought to replace its current project management curriculum with a series of courses that could be customized to seamlessly incorporate their processes, deliver the right information to the right level of employee, and meet their training metrics requirements.

The courses had to both focus on company processes and be compliant with the industry-standard, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide)framework. In addition to the new course content, the client needed instructors who could deliver an engaging classroom experience to support the adoption of concepts presented in the classroom. Click here to read more…

A Case Study on Telstra Super

Challenges: Superannuation fund management is a highly competitive and regulated environment in Australia. Fund management organisations must comply with strict regulations, deliver good investment returns and simultaneously offer excellent customer service.“Member capture, member turnover and member retention are key metrics in our industry,” says Gordon Williamson, General Manager Member Services & Projects for Telstra Super. Click here to read more…

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