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Business Scope of web exclusive retail store in India

Every day there are about a dozen brands coming up in apparel, accessories, shoes etc. across all market segments. The biggest challenge upcoming brands face is visibility and lack of pos where their products can be sold. With many international brands having their presence in India and the number increasing at a decent speed it is becoming tougher for upcoming brands to gain a presence.

In this era of e-commerce many multi-brand formats have been launched and are doing quite well thanks to Venture Capitalists. What is missing? An exclusive brand that is only web-exclusive. According to a survey done by Assocham, youth are spending an average of INR 5,000 per month on apparel and shoes. Youth is also spending majority of their time on Internet. As of now majority of e-commerce platforms have captured the market books and electronics(almost 80% of the online transactions), discount websites and multi-brand retailers. Click here to read more…

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