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Case Study for KashFlow

KashFlow provides easy-to-use accounting software for small businesses. Founded by entrepreneur Duane Jackson in 2002, with the help of the Prince’s Trust, KashFlow is now the market leading Web-based accounting software in the UK. Highlights in the company’s history include being the first accounting software to be certified for integration by PayPal and supporting two of the UK’s largest accountancy franchises, Tax Assist and Abacus. The idea of finding a new customer support solution came during a strategy meeting at KashFlow just before Christmas 2010.
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Amazon steering ahead from eBay

By opening its channels to a million outside sellers, Amazon has undercut the auction site and is winning the battle for Internet sales. Next up: A challenge to eBay’s PayPal…click here to read ahead

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Case Studies on PayPal.com Business Model

The case describes the business model of PayPal.com (PayPal), the market leader in e-payment services. It discusses in detail the transaction process involved in sending money electronically. The case explains the types of user accounts of PayPal, the funds transfer mechanism, the user charges and the security systems employed by the company. The case also briefly discusses the marketing initiatives of PayPal, the benefits of its business model and the challenges faced by the company. Click here to read more…

Case Study on Paypal

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