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Case Study for Keybridge Accounting

A lot of my clients come to me bearing MANY questions about the logo design process. I have clients that don’t know what they want at all, and some that come to me with very clear ideas of what they want their identity to look like. Most are somewhere in between. But regardless of where you fit into this spectrum, we can help guide you through the process and make it easier for you to decide.

Keybridge Accounting is a new client that we have, and Lyz knows exactly what she wants. Clients like Lyz are really fun to work with, and from conception to completion she played a very large role in the project. I truly believe the evolution of her logo pushed me to think outside the box and find ways to combine her ideas with my design style. The overall result is a mesh between both of our personalities. Find out more about Keybridge Accounting

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Case Study: The Best And Worst Hip-Hop Fashion Line

Nowadays, when music artists get the itch to step away from the industry and dive into the world of entrepreneurship, it’s pretty much no surprise that their first venture is a clothing line. But according to Kristin Bentz, retail analyst and president of Talented Blonde, LLC, “the era of the celeb-designer is close to being over, if not already. When the recession hit, so many rappers/actors/personalities rushed to get licensing deals. So now we are overrun at retail with the remnants of rappers past.”

We collaborated with Bentz to critique some of hip-hop’s hottest lines that are still memorable today, not only for their sales, but also for their massive appeal to consumers and demonstrated business savvy on the part of the artist; as well as some of hip-hop’s less memorable brands due to high pricing points, an absence of solid promotion and mismanagement. Click here to read more…

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Case Study Introduction to Mass Communication

Ask a person secret of his success and among answers you may notice mention of his PR. Have agood rather strong public relation approach and climb up the ladder of promotion quickly. A person withbad PR, though good in many other respects, may suffer and make slow progress as compared to a personpossessing matching qualities but having excellent PR. This clearly indicates the importance of the publicrelation in communication.

Almost same holds true about the organizations and the companies as they tend to wield this tool on morescientific lines. The presence of PR in mass communication is mainly due to corporate sector which hasover the decades exploited PR for the promotion of their products, personalities and services. Click here to read more…

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A Case Studies for Leadership

Leadership Re-organisation: Wipro’s Co-CEO Model

n April 2008, Wipro, India’s third largest software services firm announced the appointment of Girish Parajpe and Suresh Vaswani as co-CEOs for its IT business. Over the years, divergent personalities like Ashok Soota and Vivek Paul brought in their style of management and moved the business ahead. Wipro expects the appointment of co-CEOs would enable the company to take advantage of blending complementary skills and experience, easing the strain of responsibility and workforce synergies to help the company move up the value chain in the global software industry. Click here to read more…

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Strategic Management Case Study with Analysis

Today the role of an education is not only to impart knowledge that encompasses the prescribed syllabi of the Institution but that of the world beyond the classroom. It is the role of the education to build and strengthen the character to develop qualities of good leadership that can be employed in the future for the creation of a superior nation. An old Chinese adage “When planning for a year, plant corn; When planning for a decade; plant trees; When planning for life, educate people”.

Strategic Management Case Study

Oxford Engineering College has dedicated itself in translating motto “Technology is the Future” into action. It is our constant endeavor to shape well-rounded personalities that will contribute positively to the world around them. We aim to provide sufficient opportunities to each student to discover and understand themselves, and face and overcome challenges presented to them to make life fulfilling and complete. This newsletter is the evident for the achievers of this Institution. Click here to read more…

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Case Study on Team Dynamics

An established Executive Team of twelve including two new members was struggling to reach agreement on several major strategic initiatives. The decision making process was being negatively affected by interpersonal communication styles and political agendas. Due to diverse interests and personalities, major strategic projects were being stalled. The situation was affecting the performance of the Executive Team, was poor role modeling for the rest of the organization and increased the costs associated with the stalled projects. The organization was engaged in several significant change projects and the inability of the Executive Team to “pull the trigger” would affect other projects and company confidence. Read more on Team Dynamics

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