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How Benefits Shapes your Talent Management

Employees pay no premiums for medical, dental, or vision coverage. They also get tuition reimbursement (including time off to study full time), free housing, and about a third of their paycheck is tax free. No 401k match, but a fairly generous pension. And, best of all, there is steady promotion, and it takes an act of Congress to get fired! Click here to read more…

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A Study on Mobile Phones Market In India

A Study about Mobile Phones Market In India

Today portable telephones have moved past their essential part of voice conveyances and have graduated to turn into a crucial amusing unit for versatile clients. We are in a time where clients purchase versatile telephones not simply to be in touch, today’s youth utilize it to express their considerations, for long range informal communication, to show their premiums, play amusements, read news, surf on the web, listen to music, visit immediately with companions & families and even check their bank equalizations. There are different telephone producers giving handsets.

The Indian portable industry is the quickest developing on the planet and India presses on to include more versatile associations each month than any viable nation on the planet. The telecom blast in the nation gives incredible chance to handset makers and the most blazing portion for these producers is the entrance level section. Around the quickest developing parts in the nation, telecom has been zooming up the development bend at a red hot pace. The most recent not many years saw India adding numerous firsts to its record of accomplishments. Some of these are-the planet’s most reduced call rates (1 paisa/sec), speediest development in the amount of subscribers (15-20 million for every month), speediest bargain of a million portable telephones (1 week), the planet’s shabbiest versatile handset (`777), and the planet’s generally reasonable 3g telephone (`4,999). Keep reading…

A Study of Effects of Light and Commuter Rail Transit on Land Prices

A Study about Effects of Light and Commuter Rail Transit on Land Prices: Experiences in San Diego County

Abstract: Using hedonic price models, appreciable land-value premiums were found for multiple land uses in different rail corridors of San Diego County. The most appreciable benefits were for condominiums and single-family housing near commuter-rail stations in the north county, multi-family housing near light-rail stations, and commercial properties near downtown commuter-rail stations and light-rail stops in the Mission Valley. Elsewhere, commercial properties accrued small or even negative capitalization benefits.

Introduction: Real-estate prices reveal the degree to which rail-transit investments confer benefits, if any. As long as there are finite supplies of land near rail stations, theory holds, those wanting to live, work, or do business near transit will bid up land prices. The benefits of having good connectivity to the rest of the region i.e., being accessible get capitalized into the market value of land. This paper explores the degree to which this proposition holds for two forms of high-capacity transit – light and commuter rail across residential and non-residential properties in the San Diego region. Relatively little is known about the land-value impacts of commuter rail transit even though far more track miles of commuter rail transit have been laid in the United States than light- and heavy-rail systems put together.

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Case Study on London Verzekeringen

Challenges: Efficiently Providing Customer Service via Paper and Electronically Although the London Verzekeringen website publishes full product details and premiums, visitors to the website who wish to arrange insurance coverage still do so via a broker. After being prompted to fill in their address and zip code, they are asked to contact their nearest London Verzekeringen intermediary, whose details are then displayed on-screen. In addition, the company communicates with intermediaries via phone, email, fax, and also via the electronic insurance data network. Click here to read more…

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A Case Study on Austbrokers Holdings Limited

A company which currently holds a 7.5 star CQR and included in MyClime’s Universe, we turn our attention to Austbrokers Holdings Limited (ASX:AUB). AUB is a national network of insurance broking businesses and currently holds 50-100% stakes in 42 insurance broking businesses, over 110 locations throughout Australia. Today, the company generates total base premiums of $1.3B, has a market capitalisation of $445M and has significantly outperformed the broader market over the last five years. B operates two business divisions: Insurance Broking and Aust Agencies. Click here to read more…

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