Case Study of Solar PV

Mr Davies was looking for a shrewd investment and a means of minimising his exposure to rising electricity prices. Looking for a trouble free solution with good warranties and quality installation isn’t as simple to find as it sounds. Mr Davies choose to use the Bolton branch of Intelligent Energy Solutions due to the depth of experience and quality of components used. The installation was completed in April of this year and was completed in time for Mr Davies to benefit from the high rate feed in tariff of 21p/kWh. A similar return on investment should be achievable for new installations throughout 2012…
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Case Study on Integrated Resource Planning

Case Study Contents


Introduction: In 2008, the Institute for Sustainable Futures at the University of Technology, Sydney, was commissioned by the National Water Commission to undertake the Integrated Resource Planning for Urban Water Project. This case study report is one of the components of that project. The project has developed tools and materials that are designed to assist water service providers with their longer term water planning. This report documents a case study undertaken to demonstrate the analytical steps of urban water IRP, with reference to the city of Wagga Wagga…

Approach: The project methodology is underpinned by IRP, a comprehensive decision-making process directing the effective provision of infrastructure services to cities. The fundamental insight of the process is that cities demand services rather than resources and that options to augment system capacity (for example, through new sources) should therefore be compared alongside options to control demand (for example, through efficient appliances) on an equivalent basis…
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Case Study on Strategic Human Resource Management

Wright et al. (1992) had stated that HRM field has integrated into the strategic management process resulting new discipline referred to as SHRM. Since SHRM became popular in the 1980s with the development of the Harvard Business School’s two models integrating strategy and HRM (Jain, 2004) the key differences between traditional conceptions of HRM and SHRM are the extent to which HRM is integrated with the strategic decision making processes and SHRM focuses on organizational performance rather than individual performance (Becker et al., 2006; Karami, 2004). Strategic integration has become an increasingly relevant research topic (Othmman, 1998).
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Case Study for Total Cost of Ownership

It is extremely rare to be able to compare total cost of ownership (TCO) of two competing applications within the same company. Nucleus found that, in the case of this publicly traded biotechnology firm, both Oracle JD Edwards and SAP were chosen and championed – and a merger brought them together. In this dual ERP environment, SAP is more than four times more costly than JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

The Situation: When the two firms merged in 2008, each company already had existing, wellentrenched, fully operational ERP systems: One had been using Oracle JD Edwards for a number of years and had already upgraded from JD Edwards World to EnterpriseOne; the other had used SAP since 1997 and had already undertaken a hardware refresh and a significant upgrade. The company considered a migration strategy for one of the applications but decided a consolidation would be too expensive and disruptive. Instead, the company chose to use Oracle Fusion AIA to integrate the two applications as needed…
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Case Study for British Trade International

One of the biggest challenges for business organisations in the UK is learning how and where to trade overseas. In an interdependent world, international trade is an economic necessity. However, there are marked differences between trading in a national economy with known markets and known parameters, and trading on an international basis. Business organisations require support to enter markets as well as to sustain their activities. This case study looks at British Trade International and its aim to help UK firms compete successfully overseas. British Trade International is the joint Department of Trade and Industry/Foreign and Commonwealth Office operation which has lead responsibility within the Government for trade promotion and development. Learn more on British Trade International

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Case Study for HR Solutions

    Benefits of TriNet Integrated

HR outsourcing has been gaining traction in the outsourcing industry for nearly a decade. Today companies opt to outsource HR related activities to the experts in the area. According to recent report by Everest Group, the leading analysts and research firm, Multi-process HR outsourcing is expected to grow at a rate of 6% to reach US$ 3.3 billion in the year 2012. The common dilemma of the companies deciding on outsourcing HR activities is whether they need to outsource to single vendor or multiple vendor. This is because they become too concerned about the cost factor and the investments.
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Case Study on Employment Impact of Relocation of Multinational Companies

Case Study: Index

>Profile of multinational companies
>Effects on employment
>Factors determining location decisions
>List of company case studies
>Analysis of individual case studies

Introduction: The present report is a follow-up study to ERM case studies in Europe: the employment impact. The latter was carried out in early 2008 and examined cases of offshoring, or relocation, of production by companies, in particular between the EU15 countries (EU15 – prior to the 2004 enlargement) and the new Member States…
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Case Study about ABB Grain Ltd

ABB Grain Ltd is a leading Australian agribusiness that has diversified from its traditional primary business of barley marketing. This growth and diversiifcation is underpinned by ABB Grain’s mission to become Australia’s leading agribusiness. ABB Grain is now Australia’s largest malt producer and among the top 12 internationally. Its suite of services includes storage and handling, transport and logistics, stevedoring, financial services, and wool and livestock exports. In 2007 the business established a joint venture in the Ukraine with French agri-industrialist Soufflet to accumulate and market grain and manage supply chain activities.
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Case Study for ACP

The ACP Group is an IT provider founded in Vienna in 1993; with approximately 900 employees over 25 locations in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. They off er a full portfolio of IT services, from hardware and software to managed services, industry solutions, and IT fi nancing for companies, organizations, and government agencies of all sizes. Many of ACP’s customers are SMBs, but ACP has also established itself as a leading provider for numerous service sectors. Tax consultants and law firms are another focus of ACP’s specialized software development. The ACP Group is also a longstanding system partner of DATEV
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Case Study about Acxiom

The Challenge: Acxiom serves a wide range of financial services, retail, telecommunications and other companies, which typically deal with sensitive customer information and must meet stringent internal and regulatory security standards. The efficiency needs of a longtime customer, a Fortune 20 financial services firm, prompted Acxiom to streamline its security architecture…

The Solution: Acxiom started virtualizing some three years ago, to streamline its infrastructure and simplify maintenance while simultaneously demonstrating uncompromising commitment to customers. After researching virtualization vendors, Acxiom choose VMware due to the maturity of VMware’s solution portfolio…
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